Ted Cruz introduced a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress. Representatives would be limited to three 2-year terms and Senators would be limited to two 6-year terms.

Can you believe that it has been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk for 342 consecutive days? 

McConnell refuses to hold a vote on the amendment because he knows it will mean the end of his career. He has been a Senator since 1985. He ran out of good ideas a long time ago.

Democrat Rep. John Conyers had to be dragged out of the House of Representatives kicking and screaming after multiple women came forward and accused him of sexual assault. He had been serving in the House of Representatives for 53 years... Think about that. 

Even after credible allegations started coming down, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi still defended him, calling him an "icon."

This isn't about service for them. There's no such thing as serving for half a century. Actual "service" doesn't turn Congressmen and Senators into millionaires.

No, to them, this is a career, a way to become rich.

Pass Ted Cruz's 'Drain the Swamp' amendment and these career politicians would be sent packing!

No more career politicians! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass Ted Cruz’s Drain the Swamp term limits amendment!

This is probably the one thing in this country right now that Republicans and Democrats both agree on. That is why the establishment is so terrified of this amendment. They know that if they schedule a vote, Liberals and Conservatives will force Congress to pass it.

Chuck Schumer has been in Congress for more than 36 years. Nancy Pelosi has been in the House for 30+ years and McConnell has been in the Senate for almost 33 years. Paul Ryan is a lot younger than they are, but even he has been in Congress for 18 years already.

These are the people who are deciding America's future, the same career politicians who have spent the past decades driving this country into the ground.

This is a way to get rid of all of them.

Kick them all to the curb! Join the fight and FORCE Congress to pass Ted Cruz’s Drain the Swamp term limits amendment!

President Trump ran on a campaign promise to enact term limits and drain the swamp. Though they were bitter foes on the campaign trail, it was Ted Cruz who stepped forward and joined Pres. Trump's push.

McConnell is terrified because he knows that term limits are one of the only issues that have bipartisan support. He knows that this has a real possibility of passing, so he has locked the bill away for almost an entire year.

Now, Conservatives are finally demanding that Cruz's Drain the Swamp amendment get its vote!

Please, join the fight!

Force a vote on term limits right now! Send your instant FaxBlast and tell Congress they MUST pass Ted Cruz’s Drain the Swamp term limits amendment!