There is a story coming out of Montgomery County, Maryland that will blow your mind.

Mario Granados-Alvarado is an illegal alien from El Salvador. He was caught by Border Patrol in 2014, determined to be in the country illegally, and ordered to appear before an immigration judge to begin deportation proceedings. Because of President Obama’s catch-and-release policy at the time, Alvarado was given a notice to appear in court and released back into society.

He has absolutely no right to be in this country. Last week, Alvarado was arrested by Montgomery County Police after he drove a stolen car into a local high school parking lot. When officers opened the trunk, the found a rifle that was stolen from a police officer’s car.

Let’s just pause for a second. An illegal alien was arrested for stealing a car and a police officer’s rifle. Police also found a second stolen gun in the car. When the police ran his name and finger prints, they learned that he had an active deportation order against him.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement immediately asked the Montgomery Police to hold Alvarado so that Federal agents could make an arrest. Instead, Mario Alvarado was released from jail on just $2,000 bail.

They arrested an illegal alien on vehicular theft and stealing a police officer’s gun, not to mention the fact that he brought the gun to a school. He was thrown in jail on a Monday and back on the street by Wednesday. Thank goodness that ICE agents were able to make an arrest after the local police set him free. Otherwise, there is no telling the damage he would be doing right now.

This is what sanctuary city policies look like. They protect illegal aliens and let them bring stolen police guns to schools. They let illegal alien habitual drunk drivers get behind the wheel one more time and kill innocent people. It’s absolute madness.

Enought is enough! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and threaten to remove every single Congressman and Senator who refuses to crack down on sanctuary cities!

In the same Maryland County, prosecutors announced this week that they were dropping charges against two illegal aliens suspected of raping a freshman girl in a high school bathroom because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the encounter wasn’t consensual. Where are these illegal aliens now? Are they being deported? Nope.

President Trump ordered the Department of Justice to begin cracking down on sanctuary cities but an Obama mega-donor, who was made a Federal judge, blocked Attorney General Jeff Sessions from taking any action against sanctuary jurisdictions.

Federal Judge William Orrick ruled that it is unconstitutional for the President of the United States to instruct the Attorney General to devise a way to legally and constitutionally punish sanctuary cities. If that decision confuses you, it should. There is no logic there, only politics. It is no surprise that a man who donated and bundled close to a quarter million dollars for Obama’s election campaign would issue a ruling like this.

What is surprising, however, is how little the GOP leadership in Congress seems to care… Montgomery County is a commuter area for Washington DC. They receive tens of millions of dollars every year from the Federal government. When they accepted that money, they agreed to be in compliance with all Federal laws. That includes a law that requires local law enforcement to cooperate with Federal immigration agents.

President Trump and AG Sessions can legally cut off funding to this jurisdiction. They have the legal and constitutional authority to do so. But this one Obama mega-donor decided differently.

The GOP ran on a campaign promise of holding sanctuary cities accountable. They promised to implement bills like Kate’s Law which would ensure that repeat illegal alien criminals stay behind bars.

And yet, they do nothing…

Want the truth? The GOP thinks you’re stupid. They truly expect you to forget what they swore to do and just let them go back on promise after promise. Not only that, but they expect you to keep voting for them anyway.

The only way to force them to act is to prove them wrong!

Send Congress a clear message right now: Tell them that you will remove every single Congressman and Senator from office who refuses to crack down on sanctuary cities!