Fellow Conservative,

The House Appropriations Committee cleared the final language of the 2016 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill and it goes after sanctuary cities… hard.

We all remember the tragic death of Kate Steinle three weeks ago. An illegal immigrant who had been deported five times -- and had already racked up seven felony convictions -- gunned Kate Steinle down in broad daylight on a San Francisco pier.

Francisco Sanchez never should have been released from police custody. He should have been deported again. But San Francisco is a “sanctuary city” meaning that no matter what, they will not turn over an illegal alien to immigration agents.

In fact, the month before the sheriff chose to release this violent illegal alien, he sent a department-wide memo ordering San Francisco police to suspend contact with Federal immigration authorities all together.

So, they released Francisco Sanchez onto the streets and I guess you could say the rest is history.

But being ‘history’ isn’t good enough. It’s not enough to just let this horrible tragedy fade into our memory…

Demand that Congress pass the amended 2016 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill and DEFUND these sanctuary cities!

As I mentioned, Congress is poised to vote as early as today on a funding package for the Department of Homeland Security. Except, unlike other bills that came before it, this one hits sanctuary cities where it hurts: federal funding.

All sanctuary cities would lose law enforcement, homeland security, and even FEMA funding if they refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration agents.

Is this harsh? Yes, it is. It is deliberately harsh. These aren’t cuts that sanctuary cities can just accept. These cuts are designed to hit these cities where it hurts. San Francisco sits right on top of the San Andreas Fault. It would be insane for the city to throw FEMA money away all to protect illegal aliens from being deported.

The House committee approved this amendment but it faces an uphill battle from Democrats who want to keep the status quo and RINOs who fear we are ‘going too hard’ on these sanctuary cities.

That’s nonsense. How many more innocent Americans need to die because illegal aliens are being given free reign of our cities? Seriously, how many more need to perish?

Well, we just learned that number is at least one. Mirta Rivera, a 41-year old nurse and grandmother, was shot dead in her bed after previously deported illegal aliens shot a hunting rifle through her ceiling. This came just three days after Kate Steinle was murdered.

Enough is enough. The bill Congress has before it would put a stop to this madness once and for all. But, it faces an uphill battle. The vote in the House of Representatives is going to be close and the vote in the Senate will be even closer. We need every patriot to rise up right now and demand that Congress not only keep this amendment in the bill, but also ensure its passage all the way to President Obama’s desk!

This won’t be easy. But if you’re tired of hearing these stories of illegal aliens murdering innocent Americans, then you must act right now!

No more sanctuary for illegals. Demand that Congress defund sanctuary cities immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily