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It’s widely expected that Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY08) will replace Nancy Pelosi in Democrat Leadership, though he won’t get the gavel because, as you know, Democrats lost the House in the most recent midterms. Like most things with Democrat politics these days, the party is unified and marching in lockstep. So examining the Democrat decision-making process is a bit boring. 

On the Republican side, however, there are rumors that Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH04) may challenge Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA23) for Speaker of the House. And all of a sudden, Americans are interested in the federal legislature again. 

McCarthy proved himself to be a spineless, fear-driven fool during the 117th Congress. He aligned with the uniparty and political opposition against the people – repeatedly. He is roommates with well known leftist pollster and pundit Frank Luntz, who hasn’t delivered an accurate poll in over a decade. 

Jordan, on the other hand, is beloved not only by the people of Ohio, but by Americans across the nation. He is known for being a fighter and being unafraid to speak the truth, do his job, and uphold his oath. It’s rare and refreshing. 

While Jordan is expected to Chair Judiciary in the 118th Congress, if he jumps in the ring for Speaker then all bets are off for McCarthy. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Elect Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House, and purge congressional leadership of feckless, spineless cowards. 

We demand to be represented, not patronized and pacified. Remember your oath.