This is BREAKING News!

President Obama will announce his 10-point list of illegal alien executive orders next week!

As pundits have quipped: in a better America, this would be an impeachable offense.

This is a grave affront to the separation of powers that defines our republic!

Obama will announce next week that he will grant legal status to more than 4.5 MILLION illegal aliens.

We’ve all heard of the term “anchor babies.” For decades, illegal aliens have abused our citizenship laws by sneaking into the country and giving birth so that their children can have US citizenship.  This is how illegal aliens have been able to avoid deportation.

But now, President Obama is vowing to extend protection to their parents and family members! This means that if you can get United States and give birth, your entire family can stay here.

Republicans are vowing to fight the President and threaten to shut down the government if he does not abandon his plans to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

The country doesn’t need another shutdown… what the country needs is for this Imperial President to be impeached!

Illegal alien amnesty just days away!  Demand that Congress put a stop to this Imperial President once and for all!

A letter is circulating in the House of Representatives urging Republicans to insert language into the continuing resolution that would prevent Obama from legalizing these illegals on his own.

Liberals, on the other hand, are pushing for Obama to give amnesty to even more illegals.  The Left believes that 4.5 million is not enough… they want to extend Amnesty to every single illegal immigrant!

As I said earlier, in a better America this would warrant impeachment.

I’ve had enough of Republicans threatening to stop Obama. Talk is cheap and that is all the Republicans seem to be willing to do.

I’m done choosing my words for fear of insulting someone. I’m tired of walking on eggshells around this issue because the establishment believes it is a political nonstarter.

Next week, Barack Hussein Obama will release his 10-point executive amnesty plan.  This is real. This is not a joke.

The very fabric and future of our Republic will be decided in the coming days.

I know you’re tapped out. I know that you’re tired.

But I am calling on you to join the chorus of conservatives across this nation and demand that Pres. Obama – a man who fancies himself your king – be stopped!

If you will not answer the call now to defend our republic, who will?

If we will not raise our voices now and put a stop to this madness, there will be nothing left to defend.

Illegal alien amnesty just days away!  Demand that Congress put a stop to this Imperial President once and for all!

 If you are going to pick one issue to get loud over, to fight against, please make it this one.

Barack Obama’s threats have now turned into actions and I fear that the congressional leadership doesn’t have the spine to do what is necessary to protect the American people from this lawless president.

I pray that this will change come January when Republicans retake the Senate, but we simply can’t afford to wait that long.

You need to raise your voice. You need to get angry. You need to demand that your representatives and senators listen to you, not the special interests that are urging them to do nothing.

You have all the power here. You have the ability to affect change.

Join me right now in stopping this executive order before it’s too late!

Illegal alien amnesty just days away!  Demand that Congress put a stop to this Imperial President once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily