Trump Derangement Syndrome is rampant in Washington DC. After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey - which Republicans and Senators BOTH wanted - the Left is now pressuring spineless Republicans to push for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to go after Trump. They are so consumed with hatred, they are committed to doing everything in their power to remove Trump from office.

So far, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have resisted calls for a Special Prosecutor. But Democrats are readying to bypass the GOP leadership entirely to force a vote against Trump!

Forcing the appointment of a Special Prosecutor would require an act of Congress. Under the rules in each chamber, the Speaker and Senate Majority leader control which measures receive a floor vote. Except, there is a parliamentary technicality that allows for Democrats to bypass Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell completely.

It's called a "discharge petition." If the Democrats can get enough Republicans to support their demands, they can force the GOP leadership to hold a vote. In the Senate, that means they need just a handful of Republican turncoat Senators. In the House, they need to flip just 23. Just so you understand how easy that is to do, 20 Republicans voted against Obamacare repeal...

The Democrats are pressuring Republicans to turn on Pres. Trump and at the first sign of trouble, they are abandoning the President. John McCain has already called for a Special Prosecutor and there is word that as many as a dozen other Senate Republicans are considering it as well. There are almost two dozen Republicans in the House considering teaming up with the Democrats as well.

They have made a political calculation. It is up to you and every likeminded Conservative to prove them wrong!

These are the same NeverTrumpers in Congress who did everything they could during the General Election to make sure Hillary Clinton lost. They failed. Now, they see an opportunity at redemption by teaming up with the Democrats.

Their cowardice is truly monumental.

These are the same people who called for James Comey's firing just months ago. Now, they're feigning outrage and using it as an excuse to move against the President and his agenda.

Make no mistake, the Left is mobilized. They are bombarding Congress with letters, faxes, and calls demanding that they take action against the Trump administration. They don't care how many lies they need to push to make it happen.

The Left is mobilized. It is time to strike back!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily