RINOS Stop Mayorkas Impeachment?! Traitors To The People, Traitors To Your Party, Traitors To Our Nation!
This week, the vote to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas was held. In a turn of events, three RINOs voted NO, causing Mayorkas to survive this impeachment vote and continue to hold his office as the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Mayorkas is a traitor, one who has facilitated an actual invasion into our country and upheld the Biden Administration's open border policy. He has consistently failed to secure the border and defend national security, and constantly neglects the actual citizens of the United States. Due to his high crimes and misdemeanors, he deserves to be impeached! So why wasn't he? Why did three RINOs/traitors vote no to his impeachment? Congress will be holding another vote to impeach Mayorkas next week, and ALL of Congress needs to vote to impeach and charge Mayorkas with the high crimes and misdemeanors that he is guilty of.
After months of calling for the impeachment of Mayorkas, on Tuesday, the House held a vote to impeach him but fell short by four votes. The vote was 214-216. Lawmakers voted on a resolution combining two articles of impeachment that accused Mayorkas of having "refused to comply with Federal immigration laws" and having violated "public trust."
Democrats, as usual, remained united against a measure that will NOT benefit the people and all voted NO to impeaching Mayorkas. The GOP, save for three RINOs and one quick-thinking Republican, voted no as well. Due to this, Mayorkas is "safe" until next week when another impeachment vote will be held.
So what happened? The three RINOs who voted no were Reps. Tom McClintock, R-Calif.; Ken Buck, R-Colo.; and Mike Gallagher, R-Wis. The lawmakers said that while they disapproved of the job Mayorkas is doing at the southern border, the threshold for impeachment had not been met and warned it could be used against future Republican administrations.
Rep. Blake Moore, R-Utah, technically voted no, as he switched his initial "yes” vote at the last minute in a procedural move to be able to bring the resolution back to the floor. The three RINOs who voted against impeaching Mayorkas are nothing but traitors who work for the Biden regime to destroy our great nation.
During his time as secretary of national security, Mayorkas has allowed over 7 million illegal immigrants to pour in through the open border. He has never once shown any interest in an actual solution and has instead consistently pointed the finger at the GOP, Trump on several occasions, or any other “right-leaning” entity. His neglect has allowed Democrats to spend billions of dollars on illegals, an exponential increase in violent crime, fentanyl, and other drugs to ravish our communities, and human trafficking to easily pass into our country. Absolutely disgusting. Mayorkas has never done his job; he's actually done the opposite and put our nation in jeopardy. This alone is grounds enough for impeachment.
The upcoming vote to impeach Mayorkas is not just an opportunity; it is a moral imperative. Congress MUST cast their vote in favor of impeachment and send a clear message that treason and incompetence will not be tolerated in our government. Anything less would be an insult to the millions of Americans who are suffering as a result of Mayorkas' failures.