Non-Citizens VOTING?! Only US Citizens Are Allowed to Vote! Illegal Immigrants Don't Have This Right! CLOSE The Border!
Our country has been under attack for some time. Our nation is being besieged on two fronts: our border, and our electoral process. These two problems are interconnected; our border has been left wide open, leading to surges of illegal immigrants flooding through as a consequence of stolen elections. Furthermore, our electoral process is being hijacked by these very illegal immigrants, as some Democrat states are allowing non-citizens to vote in municipal elections. This must end! No non-citizen has the right to vote in any election; the right is reserved solely for citizens of the United States of America and no one else! Congress needs to stop the normalization of non-citizens participating and casting votes in any election, require voter ID, and close the border.
This week, Elon Musk caused quite a stir on X by drawing attention to major flaws within our electoral system. He retweeted that some Democrat states, namely California, Maine, Vermont, New York, Maryland, and Arizona, either have considered or currently allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.
Interestingly, this issue was brought up last year when Speaker Johnson discussed the non-citizen voting problem. He pointed out that The New York City Council voted in December 2022 to allow non-citizen voting in municipal elections, that other cities in Vermont, Maryland, and California already allow this, and that similar measures are under consideration in Illinois, Maine, and Massachusetts. Johnson then ties the fact that major immigrant cities in California and New York are allowing non-citizens to vote, all while the border is wide open, and millions of “non-citizens” are streaming into our country, being bused to the cities where they can vote.
As of June 2023, only seven states have specified that non-citizens may not vote in state and local elections: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Ohio. This number should be 50 states, not 7 out of 50. The audacity to allow non-citizens to partake in the most sacred act of a citizen – voting – is an abomination. Congress must rectify this travesty immediately. Non-citizens have no place in deciding the fate of our nation, and any argument to the contrary is a disgrace to the principles upon which this country was founded.
Congress, you have allowed our elections to be stolen and hijacked on every single level. The open border is a perfect example of the consequences of stolen elections, and the lack of action towards closing the border further emphasizes this point. In addition, the normalization of hijacking our local level in some states is unacceptable! Voting is a right reserved for citizens of the United States of America; non-citizens do not have this right! Congress, our electoral system must be fortified immediately, permitting only citizens to cast their votes on hand-counted paper ballots with valid voter ID. Additionally, the border must be closed without delay, restoring the security and sovereignty that our citizens deserve! Know your oath!