ACTION NEEDED: Why Are We STILL Funding Ukraine?! We CAN'T Afford This!
Congress has returned from their Thanksgiving break with a brand-new aid package specifically for Ukraine and Israel. This package is a "mere" $105 billion (not including additional aid requested for Ukraine) promised to the two countries. Regardless of one's affiliation, it's plain to say that we can't fund TWO wars. WHY have Biden and Congress been allowed to send our tax dollars overseas, never to be seen again when our country is drowning in debt? Why aren't more of our tax dollars going towards issues at home? Congress needs to put their foot down and refuse to pass this aid package; we cannot fund two wars, focus on HOME!
On November 3rd, the Biden administration, alongside the Department of Defense (DOD), released a statement asking for additional security assistance to meet Ukraine's critical security and defense needs. This includes the drawdown of security assistance from DOD inventories valued at up to $125 million to meet Ukraine's immediate battlefield needs, as well as $300 million in Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) funds to strengthen Ukraine's air defenses over the long term. Last week, the DOD AGAIN made another immediate release statement for additional security assistance to Ukraine totaling $100 million.
The package for Israel and Ukraine IS separate from the packages above; however, this package is worth $106 million: $14 million for Israel & Palestine, $60 million for Ukraine, and the other $32 million has been promised to other Indo-Pacific allies.
As of now, there are plans to "tie together" the aid for Israel and the aid for Ukraine as a single national security package to be voted on and passed.
Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said he is "confident and optimistic" that Congress can push through this supplemental funding for Israel and Ukraine, but he did not commit to tying the two together, saying Ukraine funding must be accompanied by border policy changes.
Fortunately, many members of the GOP are refusing to vote on a single national security package and instead demanding that any Ukraine package be grouped with budget cuts to the IRS and significant border policy changes and reform, like the revival of H.R.2, the Secure the Border Act!
Congress, we should not be seeing any of our taxpayer dollars allocated towards wars overseas, and any aid package should have the opportunity to be voted on INDIVIDUALLY. What we should be seeing is our budget BALANCED, budget cuts to administrations like the IRS, and more funding towards things like border reform, PASSING H.R.2 - Secure the Border Act, freeing the J6 defendants, removing the voting machines, and Making America Great Again. Stand on the right side of history, know your oath, and protect our Great Nation!