This is just too good…

Rep. Matt Gaetz is quickly becoming a Conservative star. And as a member of the House Judiciary Committee, he is getting every opportunity to call out the Left for their lies and hypocrisy.

This week, discussion on the committee turned to the border crisis, with Democrats predictably accusing the President of ignoring the “Humanitarian Crisis” at the border. Of course, this is pretty shocking because¬†it was only a few weeks ago that the Democrats were accusing Trump of ‘manufacturing’ a fake crisis in order to get a border wall. It was literally the Democrat Party’s talking points to deny there was a crisis.

Now, the Left is trying to flip the script and accuse the Republicans of ignoring the crisis…

So, Rep. Gaetz did what any of us would do. He played the Democrats’ own words back to them, right in open committee! He played a clip showing House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (the 3rd Most Powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives) laughing at the assertion that there is a Humanitarian Crisis at the border. Clyburn can literally be heard laughing at the CNN anchor’s question about whether there is a humanitarian crisis at the border and responding, “of course not.”

Watch for yourself!


Max McGuire