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On his last day in office, Barack Obama pushed through an executive action that would ban traditional ammunition (read: made of lead).

This comes after eight solid years of attempts to infringe on Second Amendment rights by targeting ammunition.

First, the Obama administration increased the regulations to target the last lead smelters in the United States, making it even harder to refine lead ore in this country.

Then, they went after some of the most commonly-used ammunition on the market by using a decades-old technicality to ban 5.45 and 5.56 surplus ammunition.

Then, not to be outdone, Obama’s ATF released an announcement that it would be reclassifying certain components of gun powder to make it harder and more expensive to store and transport. We were one of the first organizations to cover this executive action and the groundswell of opposition was able to make the ATF back down.

Now, we are faced with an ammunition ban that would essentially ban all traditional types of lead ammunition on Federal lands.

It needs to be reversed… All of Obama’s anti-Second Amendment executive actions need to be reversed.

Not by another stroke of the pen, mind you, but by an act of Congress to ensure that no President can ever get away with targeting our rights ever again!

Don’t let Obama’s last minute ammo ban go into effect! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they roll back all of Obama’s ammo ban executive orders!

According to the law, it is illegal for Americans to own pistol ammunition with a non-lead metal core for fear that it could be used to pierce a police officer’s bullet proof vest.

The problem is that the Obama administration expanded this regulation to include many types of rifle ammunition because they could technically also be fired out of a pistol.

This is the logic they used to ban imported steel-tipped 5.45×39 ammunition and the ever-popular M855 5.56×45 ammunition used in the AR-15.

But then, the Obama administration also turned around and just said that it is illegal to fire lead-core ammunition on Federal lands.

So… it’s pretty much illegal to shoot any type of rifle or pistol ammunition on Federal lands because of this last-minute Obama executive action.

See how sneaky it is?

I have no doubt that Trump will work to reverse this. But our Second Amendment rights cannot be determined by the will of a single man. The fact that the President has this much power over what types of ammunition Americans can own is frightening.

There are a number of bills collecting dust that would undo all of Obama’s ammunition executive orders immediately.

H.R.1180, for example, is just two pages long and states simply that “no entity of the Government of the United States may issue or enforce a regulation… that would restrict or prohibit the manufacture, importation, or sale of ammunition in the United States.”

It is up to YOU to demand that Congress pass these common-sense bills!

Don’t let Obama’s last minute ammo ban go into effect! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they roll back all of Obama’s ammo ban executive orders!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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