Dear Conservative,

While the lap-dog media is focused on the overblown “BridgeGate” in New Jersey, the Obama administration has been working behind the scenes to sweep the IRS targeting scandal under the rug!

What the Obama administration did to Conservative non-profit groups is absolutely atrocious! Barack Obama’s IRS deliberately and unfairly targeted Conservative groups in order to stop them from organizing and affecting the 2012 election. The IRS stole the election for Barack Obama, plain and simple! What has the Obama done to rectify this injustice? NOTHING! The President has done nothing but cover for his administration’s crimes.

So let’s get this straight: The Obama Administration is accused of targeting opposition groups with intrusive and unacceptable personal questions. Not only that, but the IRS deliberately delayed the non-profit applications for Tea Party and other Conservative groups. Without a tax-exempt status, it was impossible for these organizations to live up to their potential and organize the conservative base!’

Just this past week, the news broke that Attorney General Eric Holder had finally assigned a special investigator for the IRS Scandal. And in true Eric Holder-fashion, he appointed just another Obama crony!

Ms. Barbara Bosserman will be heading up the DOJ/FIB investigation. She is a trial lawyer in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division and an unapologetic Obama donor and supporter.

A lot of people have criticized the use of a civil rights attorney and argued that there are better law specialties geared towards handling these types of cases. While that may be true, this is without a doubt a civil rights case. These conservative groups had their civil rights violated. So this type of law specialty is definitely needed in the DOJ/FBI investigation.

That is where the praise stops. In the past several years, Ms. Bosserman has donated almost $7,000 to Obama’s political campaigns and the Democratic National Committee.

This is the problem that always seems to come up, regardless of which political party is in power. When an Administration is accused of breaking the law, the constitution is structured so that the Executive Branch ends up investigating itself.

How did that work for Fast and Furious? Eric Holder sweeped the gun-running scandal under the rug and refused to prosecute himself!

Benghazi? You heard Hillary Clinton… “what difference does it make?”

Obamacare? No one has even lost their job over the absymal website roll-out!

We can’t let the same happen to the IRS targeting scandal! We cannot let the Obama administration downplay their attempts to disenfranchise conservative groups!

Tell Congress that it is UNACCEPTABLE for an Obama donor to be incharge of investigating the IRS scandal!

If Ms. Bosserman had any integrity, she would have stepped down already. It is unacceptable to have an Obama donor heading up an investigation into how the IRS potentially stole the election! While it is impossible to know her motivations, one can only ask: what does an Obama supporter have to gain from investigating the Obama administration? Everything!

But it doesn’t just stop there. The IRS has also proposed a number of rule changes that would make it legal for it to specifically target Conservative groups.

You heard that right… instead of stopping the targeting of Conservative groups, the IRS has actually moved to institutionalize the practice!

Essentially, the IRS has proposed changing the rules so that Conservative groups working to educate the public on Constitutional issues would not qualify for a tax-exempt status. Yet while Conservative groups wouldn’t be allowed to gain a non-profit status, you can sleep easy knowing that ACORN and Organizing for Action will still get tax breaks to push their socialist agendas!

The problem goes much deeper though. Previously, groups promoting civic education were covered under the non-profit status. Developing educated citizens was seen as beneficial to the community.  However the IRS wants to change this. By moving to change the rules for non-profit groups, the Internal Revenue Service is essentially claiming that defending the Constitution is not in the interest of social welfare! Instead, the administration is claiming a “license to kill” any group opposed to Obama’s radical agenda!

Under the proposed rules, non-profit groups would be restricted from what the IRS calls “candidate-related political activity.” Conservative groups wouldn’t be allowed to hold voter registration drives or even hand out lists of who the incumbents are! If Congress doesn’t act fast, an estimated 100,000 non-profit groups would lose their tax-exempt status and no longer be able to operate on behalf of our Conservative ideals!

Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from legitimizing the targeting of Conservative organizations!

Only you can force Congress to stop the Obama Administration from institutionalizing and legitimizing the targeting of Conservative organizations. If Congress doesn’t stop this, then Obama will be able to call on the Internal Revenue Service’s army of over 90,000 workers to go after groups that disagree with him. This isn’t a conspiracy theory… it has already happened!

Obama is stopping us from organizing our base. With a sympathetic Obama donor leading the investigation and the IRS changing the rules to institutionalize the targeting of Conservative groups, there is nothing to stop Obama from dismantling his opposition.

The only one who can stop him is YOU! You need to fax every Congressman and Senator and tell them to STOP this Obama cronyism!

Barack Obama got caught red-handed trying to stop his opposition from organizing. Instead of apologizing and firing those responsible, Eric Holder put an Obama supporter in charge of the investigation and the IRS has actually changed the rules to institutionalize targeting Conservatives!

The IRS legally has to let the public comment on these proposed changes. But they are hoping that you won’t care! They are expecting you to just let them disenfranchise the thousands of grassroots, Tea Party organizations without putting up a fight.

Prove them wrong! Prove to them that you will not just sit quietly as they take away your voice!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s cronies from legitimizing and institutionalizing the illegal targeting of Conservative groups!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily

Joe Otto