Click HERE to stop Congressional Democrats from destroying the 2nd Amendment rights from our brave veterans

President Obama’s second term hasn’t even started and he is already beginning his attack on gun rights in the United States.  Conservative-Daily predicted this would during the campaign.  We warned you time and time again that Obama would go on the offensive with gun control in the United States.  Now it has finally come to fruition: Democrats and liberals have declared war on your 2nd Amendment rights and our brave veterans are caught in the crossfire.

Last week, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) tried to sneak an amendment into the Defense Bill that is currently being debated by Congress.   The gun control measure in the bill would make it illegal for many of our veterans to own a gun.  Further, it would do so with no due process rights for our former soldiers.

Think about that for a moment Sen. Schumer and President Obama are endeavoring to strip from the brave men and women who protect our Constitution the very rights that that document protects!  Do you think that it is right that the same veterans who fought battles overseas have to come home and fight against the politicians they were protecting?  It is disgusting.  It is illegal.

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So how exactly are Congressional Democrats trying to deny veterans their Constitutional rights?  Sen. Schumer’s legislation would require the Veteran’s Administration (VA) to determine whether a veteran is mentally competent.  Those veterans that are deemed incompetent will have their names forwarded the Criminal Background Check System and therefore will no longer be eligible for firearm purchases in the United States.   All of this without due process.

Do you think it is right that liberals are attacking our veterans?  Do you think it is right that liberals are attacking the Constitution?  Do you think that the men and women who put their lives on the line for this country should have their Constitutional rights stripped from them without due process?  It is time we tell these Congressional Democrats to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Fax Congress today and demand that they treat our veterans like a national treasure.

Thankfully, we are not in this battle alone.  Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has been at the front lines of this war, fighting for the Constitutional rights of our veterans and the 2nd Amendment rights of everyone.

Click HERE to stop Congressional Democrats from destroying the 2nd Amendment rights from our brave veterans

Sen. Coburn is not claiming that mentally incompetent individuals should be afforded the right to carry a firearm.   His measure would simply give the veteran in question the due process rights guaranteed to him by the Constitution.  The legislation would require that a veteran’s right to carry a gun would only be abridged if a judge or magistrate deems the person to be incompetent.

Do you think our veterans have earned the right to have a judge hear their case before that veteran is stripped of their rights?  We need your voice faxing Congress.

What is most perplexing about the Sen. Schumer’s legislation is that the VA is never required to deem the veteran in question incompetent to handle a firearm; the legislation would automatically categorize a veteran incompetent to handle a firearm if he is deemed incompetent to handle his own finances.

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So liberals not only want to destroy veterans’ 2nd Amendment rights absent ANY due process, but they also want to completely dispense with any test measuring the competency to own a gun.   At the end of the day, they are just looking for ways to steal your guns and this is their next idea: attack veterans.  You need to fax Congress today and stop these vile attacks on our soldiers.

We all knew Obama and his band of Socialists would be coming for your guns in his second term.  They are wasting no time.  These liberals are going to ignore the Constitution and continue to degrade your 2nd Amendment rights until the American people decide that they aren’t going to allow their rights to be seized by a Socialist government anymore.

We need your voice and the United States needs your voice to fight against these newest gun control measures.  Slowly, liberals are going to erode your gun rights until they no longer exist.  That is why we need your voice supporting Sen. Coburn and all the other true conservatives on Capitol Hill.  It is time to take back our Constitution.

Join us and fax Congress today. 

Click HERE to stop Congressional Democrats from destroying the 2nd Amendment rights from our brave veterans


Tony Adkins


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