Click HERE to demand Congressional action in order to preserve our Constitutional republic

We can no longer fight the truth: our once vibrant republic has been transformed into an authoritarian Orwellian society where the government is constantly monitoring citizens in deprivation of our 4th Amendment right to privacy.  The greatest fears of our founding fathers have come to fruition and unless Congress acts to clamp down the on the growing dictatorial threat coming from the Executive branch, expect to see your constitutional rights further eroded as President Obama hijacks democracy in the United States.

We are the unfortunate generation of Americans that must witness the rise of fascism in the United States.  On an almost daily basis we are stripped of more of our constitutional rights as Congress sits on its hands and watches the destruction of liberty.  Thankfully, President Obama has not yet canceled elections and instituted martial law.  We can still demand that Congress act or we will vote out the fascist sympathizers in favor of Constitutionally minded lawmakers.  But it is up to us to act.  We have no choice but to be the engines of liberty’s rebirth in the United States.  We must demand that Congress take action to stop the machinations of the dictator in the Oval Office.

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This week it was announced that the Federal government would begin employing a Russian voice recognition program that can build a database of literally millions of voices and the program can accurately determine to whom a voice belongs within this database with an accuracy of nearly 90%.

First off, aren’t you a little worried about our supposedly democratic elected government using software originally designed by Russians who cater to Dictator Vladimir Putin?   We know President Obama and President Putin are fairly cozy; both are the cultural decedents of men like Stalin and Mussolini. Obama was even caught on video agreeing to give Russia national defense concessions if he is able to win a second term.  Now he is actually using Russian software to illegally keep tabs on American citizens.  Where is Congress?  Why aren’t they acting?  It is time we remind them that we, the American people, are their bosses!

Click HERE to demand Congressional action in order to preserve our Constitutional republic

Secondly, why does the Federal government feel like they need to track millions of law abiding US citizens?  Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, seems to believe she has the right to use her secret police to spy on any American at any time.  This attitude is in contravention of the Constitution and our right to privacy.  Shouldn’t the President Obama and Janet Napolitano need a warrant before they can hack into our cell phone service and record our calls?  Make no mistake; we are living in a police state.  We need Congress to step in and take demand that the Constitution be upheld and require individual Federal warrants from a sitting Federal judge before the government can listen to our private conversations.  These warrants must be public in nature and there must not be blanket Federal order.  If the Big Sister wants to listen and record the voices of millions of Americans, she should be forced by Congress to get millions of Federal warrants.  That’s what democracy is all about.  That is what civil liberty is all about.  And that is what freedom is all about.

Our democracy is crumbling under the weight of Obama’s authoritarian regime.  We have armed drones in the sky watching our every move.  We have an army of secret police that ignore our civil liberties anytime we get on a plane or go to a political event; and their reach is expanding into subways, roads, and non-political events.  We have the FBI stealing the cell phone and computer IDs and passwords of millions of law abiding citizens so that the government can use the GPS systems to track a citizen’s physical location and monitor their activities on these devices.  Now we have learned that the government is eavesdropping on millions of Americans in violation of their Constitutional rights and using Russian technology to match voices in a massive database.  This is a police state and we must stop the Federal government from running unchecked.  We must demand that Congress step in and do its job.  It they refuse to protect our rights, we must vote the fascists out during our next election and bring in a batch of lawmakers that will comply with our Constitution.

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Our founding fathers created a system of government that relied on democratic principles with each branch of government serving as a check and a balance to the other branches.  Congress is no longer acting in such a capacity.  They are allowing President Obama to tread all over the Constitution and have given him a wide enough berth where he has effectively created an authoritarian regime.  Regardless of political philosophy (conservative or liberal), Congress’ duty is to stand up to the Executive branch and preserve civil liberties of all Americans.  It was not meant to be a rubber stamp for fascism.

Conservative-Daily is committed to protecting and fostering our civil liberties.  We act as a watchdog over our government and use grassroots efforts protect our liberty and enforce our Constitution.  To that end, we need your help.  We need you to partner with us and DEMAND that Congress protects citizens from an ever-expanding Federal government bent on ignoring the Constitution and destroying our individual rights.  Stand with us today and demand Congressional action!

Click HERE to demand Congressional action in order to preserve our Constitutional republic


Tony Adkins


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