We the People Demand Congress to READ the Constitution and then UPHOLD their Oaths to it.
The Constitution serves as the bedrock upon which our government is built. Its principles and provisions guide the actions of every aspect of the governing body, ensuring the protection of our rights and the pursuit of the common good. 
A Disconnect from the Constitution:
It has become evident that systemic abuse of power throughout government, particularly those in Congress, have failed to familiarize themselves with the Constitution. The decisions and promises they make are detached from the fundamental principles outlind in this agreement. 
Pandering without Intent to Follow Through:
In their pursuit of reelection, the majority of politicians pander, making promises to voters without any genuine intention to fulfill them. This serves only to manipulate the public, creating false hopes and sowing seeds of disillusionment among the electorate.
Collusion and Neglecting the Will of the People:
The influence of lobbyists through campaign contributors, contributions to associated 'charitable' foundations, political action committees (PACs), and even foreign entities like the World Economic Forum has become apparent. Instead of prioritizing the needs and interests of the citizens they represent, Congress membera collude with these external forces to shape policy decisions and line their own pockets.
Reminding Congress of their Responsibilities:
The time has come for us to remind our elected representatives of their duty to uphold their oaths to the Constitution. We must demand that they prioritize the best interest of the people over the influence of special interest groups. By recommitting themselves to the principles outlined in the Constitution, our representatives can restore the faith and trust of the American people in our governing institutions.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights serve as the guiding light, ensuring the rights and welfare of the people. It is infuritating to witness Congress neglecting their responsibilities and succumbing to external pressures for financial gain. We demand accountability from our elected officials. We demand they uphold their oaths which require them to be faithful to the Constitution and the people they represent.