I have been asking my kids to help me with ideas to write annoying letters to Congress because, I am not a journalist, I'm a stay-at-home mom and I love this country. I want to ensure that my childrten and future grandchildren can enjoy the same freedoms that I had growing up. I don't want them to ask,
Today my daughter volunteered to write today's blast and I am grateful that she is beginning to understand the mechinisms put in place to ensure our voice is heard.
When you look at everything going on in the world from "40,000 foot view" it all comes into focus and you see the puppet masters pulling the strings. When I say "WHO are they" and "WHO is doing this" this is the W.H.O. I'm refering to...
The United Nations, and the World Health Organization have proposed the Pandemic Treaty and digital health passports. The Pandemic Treaty, which is currently still being drafted, aims to legally bind the 194 countries part of the UN to abide by specific rules and regulations if another global pandemic were to happen and digital passports have been published.
The World Health Organization pandemic treaty backed by the UN was first proposed "due to the Covid-19 pandemic" that began in 2020. It is currently a 'Zero Draft' and is not expected to be completed until 2024. The Zero Draft of the pandemic treaty outlines 'recommendations' that the World Health Organization has for those aligned with the UN, and giives the W.H.O. authority to declare a pandemic. The treaty includes ways that countries prevent, prepare and respond to global pandemics. The primary problem with this pandemic treaty, is that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and generally is very vague, especially concerning the enforcement of these “recommendations.” The draft also lacks a detailed outline of what exactly these recommendations will be. While the contents of pandemic treaty may have benefits, the United States should not be relinqush its' sovreignty to anything or or anyone especially an unelected foreign entity. The Constitution shall not  suspended for any reason.