Last week, we reported how the National School Board Association had asked the Biden administration to begin prosecuting conservative parents at school board meetings under, among other things, the Patriot Act. The letter branded upset conservative parents as "domestic terrorists."

Shortly after receiving this letter, Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland signed a memo ordering the DOJ and FBI to begin investigating parents who attend school board meetings against Critical Race Theory, mask mandates, or other leftist policies.

In order to justify branding conservative parents as "domestic terrorists," the NSBA pointed to a handful of school board meetings around the country that got out of control, including one meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia.

During this meeting, hundreds of angry parents showed up to denounce leftist policies in the school. The Board, eager to avoid the confrontation, proclaimed that the meeting had devolved into an "unlawful assembly" and sicced the police on attendees. One man - Scott Smith, was arrested (shown above) and Leftists rejoiced. In closing statements, the chair of the school board proclaimed that "We will not back down from fighting for the rights of our students and continuing our focus on equity."

The media immediately ran with the story, smearing Scott Smith as some kind of racist or bigot. The NSBA used this incident to make their case to the Biden administration to prosecute parents as domestic terrorists.

But the whole narrative was a lie. We now know why Scott Smith was so furious. His daughter had been allegedly raped in the school bathroom by a boy claiming to be a girl. Under the schools "equity" policy, transgender students are allowed to go into whatever bathroom they want. Well, in this case, the biological boy decided to use the girl's bathroom and proceeded to allegedly sodomize and sexually assault Scott's daughter.

The school board tried to cover it up. The student reportedly confessed to the crime when interviewed by police, but not only did the school cover it up, but they put the alleged rapist back in the student body where - according to new reports - he proceeded to sexually assault ANOTHER girl student.

This is wh Scott Smith was furious. He was there trying to get justice for his daughter and to overturn the district's bathroom policies to ensure that no other school girls could get raped. The School Board shut down the meeting because they didn't want to hear what he had to say and the rest is history.

THIS is the main case behind the Biden administration's new crackdown on parents attending school board meetings...

Stop Biden from targeting conservative parents! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to cut off all funding and BLOCK Biden's plan to prosecute conservative parents as domestic terrorists!

It is absolutely disgusting. I mentioned it on the podcast this morning, but this is an unprecedented level of evil on this school board. How evil does someone have to be to cover up the rape of a 9th-grade-girl on school property?

How evil does someone have to be to send the cops after the outraged father instead of the alleged rapist?

The same prosecutor who threw the book at Scott Smith also handled his daughter's rape case. How evil does a prosecutor have to be to do that?

I cannot even comprehend how evil lobbyists and government officials would have to be to take a case like this - where a girl was raped - and use the father's grief and rage as an excuse to weaponize the Federal government against all conservative school board meeting attendees.

That is what is happening right now. Federal agents are literally investigating parents as domestic terrorists because they have had enough with the leftist policies and indoctrination in their kids' schools. The Left, meanwhile, is desperately trying to cling to their power before it gets ripped away.

This is an evil that must be defeated. 

Now that the full story is out there, it is going to be harder for the Leftists in Loudoun County, Virginia to cover up what happened to his daughter. If they thought the last school board meeting was rough, just wait until the next one...

But the Biden administration is now mobilizing against Conservative parents nationwide. Any parent who protests at school board meetings or takes action to stop radical CRT, transgender, or covid policies is now being targeted. 

We can pull the plug on this. The Founders gave Congress the power of the purse precisely for moments like this. I doubt that Thomas Jefferson or James Madison envisioned a time when the FBI would be branding parents as domestic terrorists for fighting back against ridiculous school board policies, but the Power of the Purse exists precisely to rein in government when it gets out of control.

Congress has the power to stop the DOJ or FBI from being weaponized against parents who attend school board meetings. Congress can literally block any funding from being used for this radical crackdown.

But it is up to YOU to demand it!

Stop Biden from targeting conservative parents! Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to cut off all funding and BLOCK Biden's plan to prosecute conservative parents as domestic terrorists!

Fight for what is right!

Max McGuire
Conservative Daily