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Newly Discovered Evidence Shows Dominion Voting "Erroneous Code" Error Message Found in Tennessee Exists in 97% of County's System Logs Looked at in Georgia From June 2020 Through the 2022 Primary

Keep in mind this quote from a renowned expert in systems vulnerability testing, Col. Sidney McNeil Guiterrez:

"One of the most common vulnerabilities exploited is the natural human tendency to assume a discrepancy is the result of an error rather than a product of a deliberate act.

In March of 2022, the EAC quietly released a report identifying anomalies found on the voting machine software sold by Dominion Voting Systems in Williamson, TN.  The "anomaly" is identifiable by a security error in the system logs stating "QR code signature mismatch" followed by a warning message "Ballot format or id is unrecognizable."

From the report:

"Once that misread happens, the provisional flag is not properly reset after that ballot’s voting session. The result is that every
ballot scanned and tabulated by the machine after that misread is marked as provisional and thus, not included in the tabulator’s close poll report totals. it is counted as a provisional ballot and not included in the tabulation. Every ballot after that is also included as a provisional and thus not included in the tabulation."


Last night, the Election Oversight Group released evidence they've acquired through open records requests in Georgia. They've submitted requests to all 159 Georgia counties for their system logs files, which are to be kept for 22 months by federal law and 24 months by Georgia law, however, they were only able to obtain the "slog" files from 66 counties.  Of those, 64 (97%) of them had the same anomaly as Williamson, TN!  

That error, according to the EAC, still has an unknown cause or resolution (they simply modified the source code that resets the provisional flag following each voting session).  The report states under "Conclusion of Formal Investigation" in the first line:

"The direct cause of the anomaly was inconclusive."


"The analysis and testing of the ECOs has demonstrated that the anomaly was successfully fixed." 

The Election Oversight Group found 84 instances of the "Williams Error" in Gwinnett County for the 2020 June Primary:

A screenshot of the June 2020 primaries in Gwinnett Co, GA. These slogs showed 84 occurrences of the Williamson "error". As you can see, the ensuing ballots were "skipped". These are system log files. They do not appear on the screen for the operator to see.

These errors occurred 107 times in Chatham Co, Ga in the June 2022 primary:

Below is my podcast with the Elections Oversight Group and systems testing expert Jeff Lenberg.  If you're crunched for time, I lay out the findings in the first 17 minutes.  We then dive deeper into their findings for the rest of the podcast.  Click here to watch the podcast .

The Elections Oversight Group reached out to the EAC to inquire whether or not this "anomaly" has been found in any other jurisdictions.  According to their response, they have not.  The group submitted a formal complaint with the EAC as well as the Georgia State Election Board.  Hopefully, the EAC will initiate a thorough investigation. 

According to the EAC's report:

An anomaly is defined as an irregular or inconsistent action or response from the voting system, or system component, which resulted in the system or component not functioning as intended or expected. Anomaly reports may indicate a voting system is not in compliance with the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines or the procedural requirements of this EAC Testing and Certification Program.

There are many questions that this explosive discovery by the Elections Oversight Group uncovered:

  1. How did these machines pass EAC certification with this erroneous code and this error?
  2. How did these machines pass VSTL certifications prior to the elections with this erroneous code and error?
  3. How did the machines pass Logic and Accuracy testing with these errors?
  4. Why is this software still being permitted for use while the origins of the anomaly are "inconclusive"?

To be clear: no one is alleging any fraud as a result of what is being reported above.  We are simply pointing out an existing anomaly as identified by the EAC, Dominion, Pro V&V, SLI Compliance and Williamson, TN and showing the same occurrences in numerous counties throughout Georgia.  This does, however, warrant further investigation and a thorough, transparent hand recount to ensure that these anomalies were not exploited in previous elections, whether deliberate or not.  Because the election machines are now designated as "Critical Infrastructure", it is of the utmost importance that these anomalies are investigated by third party forensic specialists up to and including a review of the source code.

Below is the Open Records Requested SLOG files for Floyd County, Ga that I wrote about wrote about in August.  These SLOGs are incredibly significant because this is the first known occurence in an Imagecast Central high speed scanners. Previously, this anomaly had only been discovered in 7 or 18 Imagecast Precinct tabulators.

Notice that not only does it have the "QR code signature mismatch" error followed by the "ballot format or id unrecognizable" error, it also cuts off log entries on October 19, 2020 and doesn't resume log entries until November 24, 2020.  Early in person voting in Georgia stopped on October 30, 2020 and the second machine recount began on November 24, 2020.  This means there are missing logs for 11 days of early voting and the entire November 3, 2020 original election.  

This is incredibly troublesome because Floyd County was one of the counties that "found" a significant number of votes in the hand recount, which is consistent with the counting irregularities discovered in Williamson Co. TN.   Floyd Co found 2,600, Fayette Co found 2,755, Douglas Co found 293, and Walton Co found 284 that we know of.

Floyd County ICC Slog Files

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