The WHO Assembly Has Begun: We DO NOT Accept Globalism - Say NO To the PLANDEMIC Treaty
Yesterday, the 77th World Health Assembly, scheduled from May 27 to June 1, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland began. The WHO will once again pressure countries in the UN to sign onto their tyrannical pandemic treaty, now that they have an even “stronger” argument for why the UN countries must sign their document, as a sudden increase in ‘bird flu' infections have begun around the world. Fortunately, earlier this month, all Republican senators (49), led by Senator Ron Johnson, formally urged President Joe Biden to withdraw his support for expanding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic authority. Our Congress needs to know that the people unequivocally support this letter, and we demand that the United States categorically REJECT the WHO’s pandemic treaty, and any other IHR amendments they pass! We the people will NOT consent to a global health authority!
Last year, the WHO, in conjunction with the UN, was working on a Pandemic treaty. This treaty is nothing but a veiled attempt by the WHO to wield unchecked authority over countries during times of crisis. The treaty claims to outline the WHO's recommendations for countries aligned with the UN during global pandemics, covering response strategies, prevention tactics, and readiness measures, but in reality, it would essentially allow for a global health authority during pandemics.
Additionally, in 2022, the World Health Assembly quietly agreed to reduce the period during which nations can opt out of future amendments to the International Health Regulations, something that we did not agree to. Instead of the original 18 months, nations are now only given 10 months to opt out. Furthermore, the implementation period for new IHR amendments, originally set at 24 months, has been reduced to 12. For nations to retain the longer 18-month opt-out period previously allowed, they must send a brief notice to the World Health Organization indicating their objection to the amendments decided upon by the World Health Assembly in 2022.
The pandemic treaty, along with IHR amendments, is a way to install a global health authority, and WHO director Tedros Ghebreyesus is demanding that all United Nations agree to the pandemic treaty during the 77th World Health Assembly, which is why the letter sent by the 49 Republican senators to Joe Biden is so important. Every Republican Senator has told Biden to withdraw US support for the Treaty and IHR amendments, and if the US does go forward with the WHO’s tyranny, the treaty(s) will have to be submitted to the Senate for its advice and consent, requiring a 2/3 vote.
The Senators argue that the WHO failed to act during the COVID-19 pandemic and was unable to perform its most basic functions. Additionally, they state that granting the WHO emergency powers constitutes an intolerable infringement upon U.S. sovereignty, and that the most recent draft of the pandemic treaty will be “dead on arrival” in the Senate. We the people support this message and demand that the rest of our Congress demand that the Biden administration withdraw their support for the IHR amendments and pandemic treaty.
Obviously, we should never submit to a global health authority. It is the exclusive right of American citizens to decide how we handle global pandemics, in accordance with our Constitution. We reject the WHO and its pandemic treaty!
It should also be said that the people are NOT afraid of this “bird flu” and that we will not consent to the tyranny of WHO or our own government. We will not submit to another quarantine, forced mail-in voting, our business shutting down, masks, hastily manufacture death jabs, or any other tyrannical measure that it meant to oppress and control the people. We will not CONSENT to the PLANDEMIC TREATY. 
Congress, it's time to exit the WHO, it's time to withdraw our support for the IHR amendments and pandemic treaty! Our elected officials, who participate in WHO summits, have let us down by reimposing mandates that infringe on our liberties. They must represent us! Congress must work toward freeing the United States from the UN and severing ties with the WHO, its questionable pandemic treaty, and IHR Amendments. They must uphold their oath, defend our constitution, and safeguard our freedom. Leave the UN and reject the WHO, Congress!