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Wow. The UN's climate change program is literally falling apart and it is all thanks to President Trump.

Last week, the United Nations Green Climate Fund held its annual board meeting. Let's just say that it didn't go well...

Barack Obama promised them 3B of taxpayer funds to prop up their redistribution scheme. At the beginning, Obama was slow walking the transfers. But once Trump won, Obama raided the coffers and brought his total 'donation' to one billion.

Obama completely expected Clinton to win. The United Nations completely expected Clinton to win. So, they never thought they needed to rush the payments.

President Trump shut the program down last summer and pulled all the funding. Today, the UN's Green Climate Fund is really hurting for funds and is dangerously close to shutting down because of it.

The UN is now launching a last ditch effort to get Congress to restore the Obama funding!

Pull the plug! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they nullify and void Obama's climate treaty signature!

The annual meeting was supposed to decide how to dole out the Obama funds to the rest of the world. The UN Green Climate Fund is so underfunded, that they approved no redistributions this year and the GCF's executive director resigned in protest.

Did they realize the error in their ways and change course?

No. The UN is doubling down and now pressuring their globalist allies in Congress to restore their funding. And what is even worse is that the Democrats and Moderate Republicans in Congress are listening to them...

The push is being led by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley. He is the one who pushed through the last half billion in funding just days before Obama left office.

And as you will remember, he was behind the push last year to get some of the funding restored after Trump cut it all. He worked with Republicans Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham to get the GCF funding restored in the budget. Not nearly as much as Obama had promised, but it was enough for the UN to keep the lights on...

Now, they're demanding more. For the first time since the GCF was created, they did not have enough to redistribute around the world. They've never experienced anything like this. They always expected the US to just bow down and give them everything they wanted. President Trump dealt the globalists a serious blow when he pulled the plug.

They're on the brink of defeat. There's infighting, resignations, and the UN's Green Climate Fund is just months away from shutting down if they don't get more of your taxdollars.

This would have happened last year, but those three Republican traitors teamed up with the Left to get the funds re-added to the appropriations bill. Now, they're trying to get the funding approved again.

Right now, the media is covering President Trump's imminent Supreme Court announcement and the boys stuck in the cave in Thailand. Absolutely no coverage is being given to this attempt to re-fund the UN's climate change program. That is exactly how the establishment wants it. They know they can only win if Conservatives are kept in the dark.

So, let's turn on the lights!

 Tell the UN to get lost! Send your message to Congress and DEMAND they nullify Obama's climate treaty and cut off all funding!

America First. This is the mantra that terrifies the globalists. They have become so used to sucking the United States dry, that the thought of being kicked off the gravy train terrifies them. Now, they're fighting back.

The UN claims that when Barack Obama signed the climate treaty, his signature was binding. They are refusing to let the US formally withdraw and are demanding that we live up to Obama's promises.

Congress can stop this, right now, by voiding the entire thing. They have the power to nullify Barack Obama's signature and declare the whole agreement void, cutting off all future funding at the same time. This would not only put an end to the United Nation's scheme now, but it would prevent future Presidents from signing back onto the treaty without Congressional approval!

We can kill this right now, but only if we rise up and demand it!

Give them a message they can't ignore! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they nullify and void Obama's climate treaty signature and defund the whole thing!

We are so close to victory,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily

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