The Pride Parades are Promoting Pedophilia & Child Sex-Related Trauma!
Some of these parades have been advertised as “for everyone”, “for all ages”, or explicitly promoted as “for family.” Unfortunately, many of these parades that have been advertised as “for everyone or all ages” remain sexually explicit, even with young children in attendance. 
Some reports have shown fully nude adult men and women exposing themselves to children, an older man twerking in nothing but a pair of white underwear seemingly purposefully to a group of children, and sexual clothing like bondage gear worn in front of children. These instances are blatantly illegal, namely regarding indecent exposure laws, and indecent exposure to a minor, which carries greater implications. 
Oregon & Minneapolis Pride Parades Cause Sexual Trauma on Non-Consenting Individuals: 
Our children's innocence must be protected, and encouraging families to attend parades that involve nudity, sexual innuendos, and sexual paraphernalia, is doing the exact opposite, it is instead, increasing the risk of children developing sexual trauma from repeated exposure to sexual behavior. Sources state that sexual trauma can be caused by “exposure to any sexually abusive behaviors.” The behavior could be physical, such as being touched or grabbed in a sexual manner, verbal, such as humiliation or threats of sexual acts, or visual, such as being forced to view sexual images or acts. 
Using the example stated above, video footage from Seattle's recent pride parades showed adults fully nude in front of children, and as children, they are unable to consent to view these lewd acts. In Minneapolis, an old man, wearing nothing but tight, white underwear, twerked in front of groups of children. 
While the individuals displaying these sexual acts are at fault, the parents of these children are also at a greater fault for allowing and often encouraging their children, who cannot consent, to watch sexually lewd acts. It is a parents' responsibility to remove their children from situations that they cannot consent to, and failing to do so, can be considered as a form of participating and acting in abuse. And at greatest fault is the government officials who created loopholes for indecent exposure to occur in the first place.