Reject the Proxy War with Russia through Ukraine
This conflict lacks proper approval from Congress, making it an illegal and undeclared war. As citizens, we do not consent to the expenditure of our resources or the sacrifice of our youth for a cause that raises doubts due to underlying conflicts of interest.
The proxy war is just another example of how war becomes a lucrative enterprise. In this case, there are legitimate concerns regarding Joe Biden and his son Hunter's questionable connections to dubious business dealings and large financial transactions involving their family's shell corporations. It is concerning that Congress seems to overlook these glaring issues and continues to move toward a path that could lead to a catastrophic World War III.
Congress's lack of curiosity, disinterest, and potential complicity in defrauding taxpayers through a complex money laundering scheme, utilizing Ukraine and its corrupt politicians as conduits for billions of dollars, cannot be ignored. These funds often find their way back into political campaigns or foundations established for similar purposes. This situation is unacceptable and goes against our wishes.
We must demand that Congress withdraw its support for Ukraine and instead initiate peaceful negotiations with Russia. Furthermore, it is essential to insist that Congress thoroughly investigate Biden's alleged corruption concerning Ukraine. By conducting a proper inquiry, we can draw informed conclusions about his unwavering support for a country that he has deep involvement with.