Fellow Conservative,

In the moments before he was killed, the Dallas shooter admitted to police officers that he was waging his attack because he wanted to kill White people, specifically white police officers.

This is an open-and-shut hate crime case. The shooter shot White police officers and admitted to negotiators that he was doing it deliberately and intentionally to kill White people.

So why has the Department of Justice announced it was holding off on launching a hate crime investigation?

Well, under the Obama administration’s interpretation of the hate crime statute, killing a police officer, even if for the officer's skin color, doesn’t count as a hate crime. Even though they were targeted because of their race, the Obama administration will not pursue a hate crime investigation because they are police officers.

Shameful! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress amend the hate crime statute to force the Department of Justice to go after those who kill police officers, especially because of their race!

It is amazing how you learn the true character of a person when they are put through extreme stress.

We’ve learned more about Loretta Lynch in the past two weeks than we did her entire time as Attorney General.

She met in secret with the husband of a criminal suspect and then days later, it is announced there would be no indictment.

Now, when police officers are literally gunned down in the street because of their race, Loretta Lynch declares that these victims are not deserving of equal protection because they happen to be cops.

The sad truth is that if the roles were reversed and a White shooter had deliberately gunned down Black police officers because of their skin color, a hate crime investigation would already have been launched.

This isn’t an isolated incident. While the news covered the Dallas terror attack extensively, they glossed over the fact that a Black Lives Matter supporter started shooting white people who just happened to be driving down the road in Tennessee. He killed a woman and injured a police officer and two others.

Because he was targeting white police officers, the DOJ won’t bring more severe hate crime charges.

Other police officers were targeted in Missouri and Georgia, with people opening fire and trying to kill them.

It is open season on police officers and what the DOJ just declared is that there’s nothing racist about these heinous attacks because the victims are cops.

We have many laws in this country that enhance the punishment for attacking or killing certain groups of people. The fact that a loophole exists large enough for the DOJ to decline to open a hate crime investigation shows just how necessary action is in Congress.

While White police officers are being gunned down because of their skin color and occupation, Congress remains absolutely silent on the DOJ’s refusal to act.

These men and women answer the call, every day to protect us. Sure, there are some bad apples in law enforcement. Every profession has them. But this is a minority. There is NO excuse for people to start killing cops and there is NO excuse for Congress to remain silent on the DOJ’s inaction!

Tell Congress that Blue Lives Matter! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress expand the hate crime statute to include attacks against police officers!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily