File it as reason #24793892 that the United Nations should be defunded.

On Easter Sunday, the United Nations International Organization for Migration issued a release declaring that illegal migration is inevitable and that the West should learn to accept it.

The timing was obvious. That same day, President Trump was ripping a caravan of at least 1,200 illegals moving through Mexico en route to the US border.

The UN is demanding that Trump welcome these illegals in with open arms. Already, the United Nations is publishing reports to bolster the caravan's claim to asylum by trying to classify many in the caravan as "political refugees" and victims of government crackdowns.

This is the UN's game. They are committed to helping migrants enter the United States through every loophole there is.

Just so you understand, the United Nations if gifted your taxdollars and they use that funding to help illegal immigrants game the system to get into the US.

Conservatives in Congress are trying to take action.

As horrible as the omnibus spending bill was, there was a tiny provision on page 96 of Senate's foreign affairs appropriations report that one of the Conservatives slipped in. Any UN agency, bureau, body, or entity that acts against the United States or its allies will automatically lose 5% of its funding.

The Freedom Caucus had pushed for more, but McConnell and Ryan would only allow a 5% reduction to make it into the final version of the Omnibus.

Five percent might seem like nothing, but the United Nations is already freaking out about this.

It's time to force Congress to do more!

Demand more! Send your instant Faxblast to Congress and FORCE them to cut off ALL funding to the United Nations now!

It is good to see Congress taking a step forward, but 5% is pretty laughable. The UN can attack our sovereignty and our allies and the only punishment is that they get just 95% of their funding?

This year, President Trump cut 65 million in funding to the UNRWA. This was partly because the UN was teaching Palestinian refugee children to hate America and Israel in US-funded textbooks.

Under this new provision, if the Palestinian schools are caught teaching children to chant "death to America," they would instead only lose 6 million in funding. This is madness.

Senator Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would go even further. His bill would cut it all!

Here's the thing: Cruz isn't alone. The bill is being co-sponsored by Lindsey Graham too. 

Do you know how hard it is for Cruz and Graham to agree on anything? But if a Conservative and RINO can agree to defund the UN for its treatment of the US and our allies, it has a real chance of passing.

Ryan and McConnell have been blocking it. They prefer the 5% path. It lets them claim victory without actually having to follow through with their actual promises.

Listen, you don't have to settle for this!

Don't let the UN assault our sovereignty! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress NOW and demand the UN be defunded before it's too late!