I am demanding that you do everything in your power to secure Edward Gallagher's release and investigate the gross prosecutorial misconduct against him.

This decorated Navy SEAL has been held in the brig since September on allegations that he "murdered" an ISIS fighter on the battlefield. Multiple charges against him have already been thrown out, but the Pentagon is still pursuing the murder charges.

What is truly disgraceful, however, is how Gallagher has been treated. This two-time Bronze Star recipient was kept in restrictive confinement. He was blocked from meeting with or calling his lawyers and whenever his family visited, they had to wear hospital gowns so as not to arouse the convicted sex offenders in the prison. They were allowed to hug Gallagher only once per visit...

When Pres. Trump ordered him moved to less restrictive conditions, the Brig Commodore ignored the Commander in Chief and reimposed many of these despicable conditions.

Last month, as support for Gallagher began to spread in Congress, the military prosecutors started warning Congressmen and Senators that they had video evidence proving that Gallagher committed war crimes. That was a lie. The video, which Rep. Duncan Hunter obtained, proves the opposite: instead of killing the ISIS soldier, Gallagher tended to his wounds.

But the worst news came last week. Military prosecutors were caught embedding spyware in emails to track Gallagher's defense team online. The Pentagon was spying on a defense attorney.

Enough is enough. You must intervene and not only free this innocent man, but hold these military prosecutors accountable. Gallagher is not the first American hero to be railroaded by ambitious Pentagon prosecutors. But you must ensure that he is the last...

On this Memorial Day weekend, I am DEMANDING that you fight to free this man and launch a full Congressional investigation into this prosecutorial misconduct!

He put on the uniform and fought to protect you, now I am calling on you to return the favor...

If you won't fight for him, I will have no choice but to fight against you!