President Trump came into office with a promise to put America first. Since then, the UN has been fighting around the clock to protect Obama's America last policies...

Trump cracks down on illegal immigration, the United Nations starts coaching the caravan of migrants on how to trick border agents into giving them asylum.

Donald Trump shut down migration from Middle Eastern countries and the UN tried to sneak them into the United States anyway.

He ended the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN demanded that he stay in until November 2020 (conveniently, right around the next election).

Think I'm done? Nope, I can go on all day...

Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and UN bureaucrats are literally working with Iran to help them survive the new US sanctions.

President Trump has refused to implement gun control laws here at home, so the UN is still pushing its Small Arms Treaty, which just wrapped up its yearly meetings, to make it harder to import weapons into the US. 

The United Nations has actually come out and demanded that the US pay reparations to African Americans for slavery. (not a joke)

On Israel, the United Nations just voted to condemn the United States for moving our embassy to Israel's capital and the violence at the border when Hamas terrorists tried to storm the fence. US Ambassador Nikki Haley stormed out of the room during the vote.

When President Trump announced that we wouldn't be propping up Palestine anymore, the UN declared that Trump was killing Palestinian children. But the truth was that Palestine's leaders had already bought a super expensive private jet that they didn't want anyone to know about. They only bought it when they knew Obama would prop up their social programs...

The list literally goes on and on. Now, the United Nations is demanding that Trump take in more of the world's refugees. Apparently, they want things like the AK-47 attack in Marseilles, France just a few days ago to start happening here. Europe is starting to reject the idea of unlimited migration from Asia and Africa, and now the UN wants to send them here.

And they are doing all of this, literally all of this, with YOUR taxdol lars!

Don't let them get away with this! Send your instant message to Congress and force them to pass the Cruz bill to defund the United Nations for good!

In the wake of the all of this, Ted Cruz is trying to revive his legislation to pull the plug on the United Nations' US funding.

His bill would pull all American funding from the United Nations. Period. Full stop.

He first introduced the bill right before Trump's inauguration when the Obama administration stepped aside and allowed the UN to vote against Israel. Since then, we have seen the UN become even more emboldened. They started holding votes against the United States as well.

They aren't just going after American sovereignty, but they are undermining America's national security as well. And they are using our taxdollars to do it.

It is time to shut it down.

 Kick the UN to the curb! Send your instant message to Congress and force them to pass the Cruz bill to defund the United Nations for good!

This has gone on long enough. We had to sit and watch for eight years as the Obama administration worked hand in hand with the United Nations to bypass Congress and the Constitution.

Instead of pushing things like gun control or climate change legislation through Congress, Obama bypassed Congress entirely and teamed up with the UN to make it international law.

The more Trump tries to withdraw from these horrible deals, the more the UN tries to force him to stay in. Now, the UN is demanding that we take in more migrants.

William Lacy Swing, the head of the UN Migration Agency, accused Pres. Trump of being "toxic" and being a danger to the world.

"Migration is inevitable," Swing said, and demanded that the US surrender its borders now.

His salary is paid using your taxdollars. It's time to pull the plug for good!

President Trump promised to pull the plug on countries that defy the US in the United Nations. Yet, RINOs and liberals in Congress are blocking him at every turn.

In the last spending bill, they successfully restored funding to the United Nations climate agenda. Republican Senators Graham, Alexander, and Collins helped make that one happen. On top of that, the Senate Appropriations Committee also rejected President Trump's demand to cut off international aid to America's enemies, forcing Trump to dole out everything Obama promised them.

Still, Trump is moving forward and withdrawing from UN deals and pulling the plug on Obama's programs. 

Don't let these RINOs and leftists roll back all of this progress! Fight back!

  End the UN handouts! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to shut down these plans to restore the United Nations' funding!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily