Fellow Conservative,

The silence is deafening. It has been a month and a half since Barack Obama implemented his gun control executive orders and despite Paul Ryan’s repeated promises to fight them, he’s done nothing of the sort.

In fact, the longer Congress waits, the more the establishment actually comes out in favor of Obama’s lawlessness. Paul Ryan’s not going to do a thing. While it was in the news, he took the opportunity to make promise after promise, but now that it’s faded from the spotlight, Ryan has done a complete 180°.

Paul Ryan met with Barack Obama lunch. They reportedly found common ground on a number of issues. And within days, Ryan was giving a speech before Heritage Action and told Conservative Americans to stop fighting Obama’s gun control “distractions.”

He told us to stop fighting Obama’s executive orders, especially the one on gun control, and just accept that the Republican Party won’t always be able to pass Conservative legislation.

I watched the speech live and I almost spit up my coffee. No, this is not a joke. The Republican Speaker of the House just told you to give up fighting the President’s lawlessness and just accept that the RINOs control Congress.

This is the final straw! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that Paul Ryan be relieved of his responsibilities as Speaker of the House if he won’t defend the 2nd Amendment!

This is unheard of. You don’t hear Nancy Pelosi criticizing the Far Left of her party for their positions.

Paul Ryan just gave a speech and told millions of Conservative Americans to essentially sit down and shut up. He told us to just accept the RINOs as-is and stop complaining.

Does he realize what he just did?

We literally called it. We predicted that he would surrender to Obama’s gun control agenda after his luncheon with the President and literally the first public speech he makes is one chastising Conservatives for opposing the President’s gun control initiatives.

“So he’s going to try to get us talking about guns or some other hot-button issue,” Ryan told the crowd, “He’s going to try to knock us off our game… don’t take the bait.”

He has flat out said that he will not make rolling back the President’s gun control a priority. He stabbed you in the back.

Paul Ryan says he wants a truce on gun control. Is he INSANE? This isn't "bait." This is the President literally attempting to dismantle the 2nd Amendment and disarm hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people.

I don’t enjoy being right. I wish that I were wrong. I wish that Paul Ryan wasn’t selling Conservatives down the river… I wish that he wasn’t completely giving up on fighting Obama’s lawlessness…

But he is and that is unacceptable!

Obama’s going after guns and Paul Ryan’s mad at us? No way! If he won’t honor his oath, tell Congress to send him packing!

In 2013, Paul Ryan actually said that he was interested in “closing the gun show loophole,” which is just a euphemism for banning private gun transfers. There's no gun show loophole at all. Gun shows are just opportunities for people to privately sell their guns.

Now that Obama has taken steps in that direction, why would Ryan try to stop him?

Defeating Obama’s lawlessness is absolutely necessary. Paul Ryan had no problem condemning the President’s actions before. But after his meeting with the President, he all of a sudden wants to give up on fighting

Well, then it’s time for Mr. Ryan to step aside. It seems like there was some negotiation during that luncheon but what he doesn’t seem to understand is that the Second Amendment is non-negotiable.

If he won’t commit to conservatism and fight Obama’s tyranny and lawlessness, then he must go!

Paul Ryan says Obama’s anti gun actions are just “distractions.” FaxBlast Congress and force them to stop Obama and Ryan’s anti-gun executive orders!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily