From the very minute that Donald Trump took office, he started taking a hatchet to the United States' "contribution" to the United Nations. One of his first Executive Orders as President was to reinstate the Reagan-era Mexico City policy, which cut off all funding to United Nations agencies that promote, encourage, or perform abortions. With the single stroke of the pen, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has now lost 213 million in American funding just in the past three years.

Then, Trump took a hatchet to the UN Migration Pact after they were caught helping illegal migrants game the system to get into the United States. He cut all funding to the UN's Palestinian Refugee Agency after the Palestinian government was caught using our aid funding to care for the families of suicide bombers. And when the UNESCO and the UN Human Rights Council were caught implementing anti-semitic policies to target Israel, our ally, Trump cut the funding to them as well.

Trump withdrew from the United Nations' Paris Climate Treaty, officially cancelling 2 Billion in payments that Barack Obama had promised the UN. He cut millions from the UN's global gun control agency and pulled the plug on US donations to the UN's peacekeeping operations.

I can go on and on listing everything that Trump has cut. Every time Trump made one of these cuts, the UN found a way to reduce their expenses to stay afloat. That is, until now.

We learned this past week that all of these cuts have finally caught up with the United Nations. At the end of September, the UN reported that it was 230 million in the red. If they don't raise more money by the end of this month, they will have to start firing their employees and shutting down their programs to avoid bankruptcy.

The United Nations sent President Trump a bill for 1 Billion that they say they are owed. The President fired back that the UN should ask other countries for help and that the United States was done paying.

But behind the scenes, Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate have been preparing a bill to save the UN from bankruptcy and restore all of the funding that Trump cut!

The bill is H.R. 2839, a massive spending bill that funds the the entirety of America's diplomatic effort. It is considered a "must pass" bill because without it, the entire State Department would shut down.

Now that Democrats control the House of Representatives, they have used their new power to pack this bill to the brim with amendments designed to undo Trump's cuts and restore the UN's funding.

They were going to vote on this legislation sometime next month, but now that the United Nations is facing imminent bankruptcy, Congressional Democrats have moved it to the top of the agenda.

The bill includes an amendment that would force Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Treaty and continue making the payments that Obama promised the UN.

Thanks to amendments championed by Reps. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA), the legislation would also restore all funding to the UNFPA. Democrats are literally trying to use your taxd ollars to fund abortions around the world...

Across the board, the bill undoes Trump's UN budget cuts and actually increases America's contribution to the United Nations...

But here is where it gets truly diabolical. Right now, Federal Law prohibits the United States from contributing more than 25% of the United Nations' total budget. Thanks to Trump's cuts, we are currently sitting just below 22 percent.

H.R. 2839 eliminates the funding cap from US law. So not only would the legislation restore UN funding that Trump cut, but it would allow Congress give more funding away than is currently allowed by law. There would no longer be a statutory limit.

This is how the Left plans to save the United Nations from bankruptcy...

The media isn't going to cover this. No cable news program is going to spend air time talking about a handful of sentences in a 232-page spending bill. The Left is talking about giving the UN billions more in funding and it isn't being covered in the media at all. That is precisely what the Left, and the globalist Republicans helping them, are counting on...

But now that you know what is happening, it is your duty to fight back!

Don't let the Dems and GOP Globalists restore and increase the United Nations' funding! Tell Congress, right here and right now, that any Congressman or Senator who votes for this UN funding bill will pay the price!

Democrats are not alone in this. They have Republican help.

Why? Because they all think they can get away with it. Never, in their wildest dreams, did they think anyone would notice what they are doing. But it is impossible to hide a surrender of this magnitude.

Pelosi was planning to bring this bill up closer to Thanksgiving, but now that the UN is on the brink of bankruptcy, the Left is rushing to push this legislation through now.

Every single time that the United States has funded the United Nations, they have used that funding to chip away at our sovereignty. Every. Single Time.

President Trump did what he promised. He put America First and cut funding to the worst UN Programs that Barack Obama had decided to bankroll. 

The President has done everything he can. Now it is up to YOU to force Congress to keep these cuts in place!

Don't let them surrender our sovereignty to the UN bureaucrats!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily