On November 10, the day before Veterans Day, tragedy struck in the town of Norristown, Pennsylvania. As 67-year-old Vietnam Veteran Samuel W. Jackson was exiting his parked vehicle, he was struck by an oncoming car.

As he was stepping out of the vehicle, he was struck by a speeding car, dragged for over 50 feet, and killed. The driver sped off. Police were eventually able to use security camera footage to track down the driver and arrest him later. Nemias Perez Severiano admitted that he may have been a little drunk when he got into the accident. But because it took so long to catch him, Police were not able to get an accurate breathalyzer reading.

At first, this story was just local news. The local newspaper - the Times Herald - ran with a headline of "Norristown man accused in hit-and-run crash that killed pedestrian." Definitely a tragedy, but not really a story that would be on our radar.

But then, more details started coming out. We now know that Severiano is not a 'local man.' He is an illegal alien from Mexico.

Since Police couldn't prove Severiano was drunk, he now faces just a couple misdemeanor counts against him. If he's lucky, his lawyer will be able to plead down to a single misdemeanor hit and run charge. And since Montgomery County, Pennsylvania is a "sanctuary county," police will never honor ICE's detainer against him. He will ultimately be released back into society.

The whole thing is disgusting. But if Democrats get their way, it is going to get a lot worse. Nancy Pelosi is now forcing a vote on legislation that would offer amnesty and even American citizenship to Nemias Perez Severiano and hundreds of thousands of other illegal alien criminals just like him!

Stop the Left from giving citizenship to illegal alien convicted criminals! Tell Congress that any Republican or Democrat who helps push through the so-called American Dream and Promise Act will be removed from office!

Nancy Pelosi just unveiled the list of bills that Democrats plan to force through Congress. As the American people continue to turn against the impeachment hoax, Democrats are desperate to pass legislation to prove to their constituents that they are doing their jobs.

At the top of that legislative wish list is H.R.8, the American Dream and Promise Act. Last week, Pelosi and her entourage marched a copy of the bill over to the Senate side of the Capitol and hand-delivered it to Mitch McConnell's office. Even now, the Left is launching a pressure campaign to force Republicans to pass their bill.

And if they succeed, the country as you know it is finished.

The American Dream and Promise Act has nothing to do with Americans. It is a bill designed to give amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

It would make Barack Obama's amnesty executive order permanent, expand it from 700k illegals to covering over 2.5 million of them, and include a pathway for illegals to receive American citizenship.

But the worst part is that the bill would even offer full amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens with multiple criminal convictions. The bill's text would automatically grant a pathway to citizenship to illegal aliens with two or fewer misdemeanor convictions. If an illegal alien has three or four misdemeanors, then they would go on probation before being turned into American citizens...

Democrats say that this exception is for "humanitarian purposes." They say it isn't fair to split up illegal immigrant families simply because they have criminal records.

They don't care about the fact that Samuel W. Jackson was just permanently separated from his family. Democrats don't care that Jackson's family spent days trying to find a Marine Corps dress uniform before he could be buried.

The bill that Democrats are now demanding that Republicans pass would offer American citizenship to Nemias Perez Severiano, even if he ends up being convicted in the hit and run.

But the truly despicable part is that Republicans are signing onto Pelosi's plan. They are agreeing to give these illegal alien criminals amnesty and citizenship!

Fight back before it's too late! Tell Congress that any Republican or Democrat who helps push through the so-called American Dream and Promise Act will be removed from office!

Why the rush all of a sudden to pass an amnesty bill? Well, two weeks ago, the Supreme Court finally heard the legal challenge to Barack Obama's unconstitutional amnesty executive order. If the Supreme Court strikes it down, then Donald Trump would immediately be able to start deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

The GOP is terrified of this. They believe that if Trump enforces the law, they willl be voted out of office and lose their power. That is why the Republican leadership has spent the past two weeks negotiating with Democrats on an amnesty bill. But instead of fighting back against this radical plan to turn illegal alien convicted criminals into citizens, the GOP is trying to get the Democrats to change how many crimes illegals would be allowed to commit.

Democrats have been laying the ground work for this for decades. All across the country, liberal prosecutors have allowed illegal aliens to plead down criminal charges to avoid deportation. For example, instead of being convicted of felony identity theft and immediately deported, Democrats have let illegals plead down to misdemeanor possession of forged documents.

Now, we know why. Under the Democrat's plan, all of these illegal alien criminals would be offered full American citizenship. And the Spineless Republicans want to pass it into law!

The clock is ticking. Now that the Supreme Court has heard the amnesty case, the GOP and Democrats are rushing to make Obama's amnesty permanent and even expand it to include criminals.

You must rise up and stop them before it's too late!

You CANNOT let this amnesty bill pass!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily