Earlier this week, we reported that Democrats were scheming to not only save Obama's unconstitutional UN Climate Treaty, but also force Pres. Trump to begin paying into the treaty once again.

Now, we know just how much the United Nations wants to force Congress to give them...

Next week, the UN is hosting the COP 25 conference in Madrid, Spain. Their goal is figure out a way to compel the United States and other wealthy countries to "agree to donate" 300 billion a year to the United Nations' climate change programs. I use those words loosely because the UN wants to impose the tax whether we like it or not, and it certainly won't be voluntary.

As you remember, Barack Obama promised to give the UN a one-time donation of 3 billion. He was only able to send the first billion before Trump took office and shut it down.

The UN now says that over the next decade, they will need wealthy countries to start paying-in 100x that much... every single year. And they want to start with the United States!

When we covered on H.R.2839 last week, we focused on the provision designed to stop Trump from withdrawing from the Obama-UN climate treaty. But there is an equally dangerous provision that Democrats slipped earlier into the bill.

Section 7060(b)(1)(C) of the bill would legalize the payments that Barack Obama had illegally promised to the United Nations.

It states that the "Funds in this Act and prior Acts may 4 be made available for a contribution, grant, or 5 any other payment for the Paris Agreement." So if the United Nations came calling, the State Department would have to pay-up...

When the United Nations announced back in late September that they were teetering on the edge of bankruptcy (because of Trump's cuts), I was surprised to see how calm the UN bureaucrats were. Yes, they had to close down many of their programs to stay afloat, but they weren't panicking.

Now we know why. United Nations officials have been lobbying Congressional Democrats for months. Now, the Left has committed to giving them what they want.

Besides saving and financing the unconstitutional UN climate treaty, the bill would also lift the caps on how much the United States can "donate" to the United Nations every year. Currently, the law caps our donations at around a quarter of the UN's general and peacekeeping budgets. The law prohibits giving them any more than that.

Of course, the Democrats' bill raises the cap on peacekeeping contributions and eliminates the cap on general fund contributions.

It is easy to see what Democrats are doing here. Right as the UN is demanding that wealthy countries start paying 300 billion a year, the Left wants to pass a bill that keeps us locked into this wealth redistribution scheme, authorizes the US to donate into it, and lifts the cap on how much the Federal government is allowed to contribute.

Not only would this allow the UN to start levying their taxes on us, but it would give Democrats the power to surrender to all of their demands if/when they ever retake power...

That is what they are trying to set up here: a complete and total surrender to the United Nations' climate agenda. Your hard-earned taxd ollars would go to help countries like Chile, Mozambique, and, you guessed it, India and China. The very countries that stole millions of American jobs would be propped up even further by billion in American "donations."

Not another cent! Fight back and STOP the Dems and GOP from passing this legislation and surrendering to the United Nations' demands!

But it isn't just about stopping Democrats from giving everything that we have away to the UN. The Trump Administration warned that if the United States were bound to the terms of the UN Climate Treaty that Barack Obama negotiated, it would cost us 2.7 million jobs by 2025.

This has always been nothing but a wealth redistribution scheme designed to weaken the United States.

And now Democrats have a bill that would pave the way for it to happen!

I know that this isn't a particularly sexy topic. It is not nearly as exciting as the fight over border security or protecting the 2nd Amendment. But the two amendments found in Section 7060 of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act are designed to literally cede our sovereignty (and Treasury funds) to the anti-American UN globalists.

Democrats have already slipped the measures into the bill and negotiating with the GOP to try to keep them in. Republicans in the House and Senate have their priorities and pulling the plug on the UN is unfortunately not one of them. 

In less than three weeks, Congress must pass a version of this bill. If the Democrats' amendments survive, the UN will have everything they need to start collecting.

That is where you come in. You must get loud and force Republicans and Democrats to kill these provisions. The only reason that both parties think they can sneak it through is because they assume you won't be paying attention. But now, you are!

You are all that is standing in the way of a complete surrender to the United Nations' radical climate agenda. You must take action right now and stop it before it is too late!

Now or never,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily