The United Nations is gearing up for a major conference in Morocco where the countries of the world will sign onto and ratify the new Global Migration Compact.

Predictably, the new agreement would force open borders onto the world and require them to take in any migrants who show up at their borders. But there is a new provision in the compact that, quite frankly, shocked me. I was sure it was a joke. But during a press conference, UN officials just confirmed that they are 100 percent serious. They are demanding that countries impose criminal penalties on "migration hate speech."

The new compact is "meant to be the legal framework for participating countries to commit themselves to build new legislation and one basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of 'hate speech.' The agreement wants to criminalize migration speech. Criticism of migration will become a criminal offense," explained MEP Marcel de Graaff (shown above) during a recent press conference.

Immediately after this announcement, the United Nations announced that the migrant caravan must be protected, both physically and emotionally. That's right, not only are they going after the Trump administration from blocking the caravan from entering the United States, but they want to force Trump and other Americans to stop criticizing the caravan. They're calling it "hate speech."

This is madness. Congress is set to vote on legislation in just 7 days that will decide how much of your taxdol.lars go to the United Nations. Paul Ryan is striking a deal with the Democrats to restore most of the funding Trump cut.

It is up to you to stop them!

Pull the plug on the UN now! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to cut the United Nations' funding once and for all!

We already know that the United Nations is behind the caravan's rapid travel to the US border. It took the caravan weeks to make it to Mexico City, but only days to travel from Mexico City to the US border. Immediately after the caravan leadership held meetings with UN officials, they miraculously received chartered buses to carry them the rest of the way.

Now, we are seeing an explosion of crime at the border region. Mexican officials are trying to track down almost a thousand caravan migrants who violently assaulted the San Ysidro border checkpoint last week. But those criminals have disappeared back into the crowds.

Trump officials have now confirmed that there are no less than 600 convicted criminals hiding inside the caravan. These are people who have already been deported from the US for committing serious and violent crimes, including rape and attempted murder.

Mexican health officials are also warning that a shocking number of migrants in the caravan are seriously ill. After testing migrants in the camps in Tijuana, Mexican officials found that 1/3 of them were ill. They had multiple positive tests for chickenpox, tuberculosis, and even HIV/AIDS.

And the United Nations is demanding that we let them all in.

Back in September, Paul Ryan struck a deal with the Democrats to pass a spending package that restored funding to the United Nations. Now, the UN is using this funding to not only help the caravan migrants carry out their invasion, but criminalize any "hate speech" that criticizes the caravan. If the UN had its way, they would throw me in prison simply for relaying these facts to you.

Every time Congress approves UN funding, the United Nations uses it to attack our sovereignty. Every. Single. Time. Now, the GOP leadership is moving forward with a plan to restore hundreds of millions in funding that Trump cut. 

The vote is coming. Congress must pass a spending bill to fund the State Department by the end of next week. That bill will include provisions for foreign aid and UN funding.

If the Republican Establishment gets their way, the UN will get all of its funding back. If you think the UN is bad now, imagine what they'll do once they get their hands on your taxdol.lars!

The time to fight is now! We have a chance, right now, to put an end to this madness once and for all. But we're running out of time!

Pull the plug on the UN now! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to cut the United Nations' funding once and for all!

Say 'No' to the UN!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily