The United Nations just issued a report demanding that Donald Trump stop separating illegal alien families. Even though the policy was created under Bill Clinton and expanded under Barack Obama, the UN is now ordering Trump to keep illegal alien families together, even if that means returning to "catch and release."

Here's the background. We all know how the Obama administration turned to the catch and release program. Illegal aliens were encouraged to find Border Patrol so they could seek asylum. The arresting agent would then process the border crossers and assign them a court date. Then, they would be released off into American society until they had their day in court.

No surprise, practically none of the catch and release illegals ended up showing up to their court dates.

Trump has ordered Border Patrol to stop doing this. Instead, illegal aliens are arrested, incarcerated, and speedily brought before a judge. But that means that illegal alien parents have to be separated from the children they tried to bring into the country. It shouldn't come as that big of a newsflash but when an adult breaks the law and goes to jail, their children don't get to go with them...

But that is exactly what the UN is demanding. The UN Human Rights Council just ordered the Trump administration to either keep these illegal alien families together in detainment or else release them into society. The UN knows we can't throw children and babies in jail. They are demanding that Trump reinstate catch and release and they are using the full weight of human rights law to do it!

Kick the UN to the curb! Tell Congress right now that they MUST cut off the United Nations and pull the plug on its funding!

It's is actually pretty comical. The Human Rights Council is currently being led by Saudi Arabia. Just yesterday, Saudi Arabia allowed the country's first female drivers to get driver's licenses with photographs of their faces showing. This is the country that is now lecturing the United States on human rights...

Ambassador Nikki Haley is punching back. "Once again, the United Nations shows its hypocrisy by calling out the United States while it ignores the reprehensible human rights records of several members of its own Human Rights Council," she blasted.

We are talking about the same United Nations that once released a report praising North Korea for having the second-lowest obesity rate in the world. That's not physical fitness, it's called starvation and malnutrition...

President Trump is furious. The United States gives the UN billions every year and now they are using it to try to force us to open up our borders to anyone looking to come into the country? No way.

For eight years, they worked hand-in-hand with Barack Obama to circumvent Congress and erode America's sovereignty. That included the issue of illegal immigration. Now, Trump is telling them to get lost and they're trying to bring the weight of the Human Rights Council down on the United States.

President Trump had already issued the council an ultimatum: quit the anti-American and anti-Israel bias or else the United States would withdraw (and end all donations).

Now, Trump is ready to follow through with that threat but the Establishment in Congress is trying to block him!

America First! Send your message to Congress now and FORCE them to cut the UN's budget and put an end to this anti-American radicalism!

At every turn, Leftist Democrats and Moderate Republicans are trying to stop President Trump from dismantling the United Nations. Last year, Trump cut off funding to the UN's radical climate change agency and Senators Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, and Susan Collins teamed up with Democrats to restore it. The same happened with the State Department's foreign aid budget.

And as these cowards run cover for the United Nations, UN bureaucrats continue to use American taxdollars to assault our sovereignty.

It has to end.

Yesterday, Mitch McConnell cancelled the August recess. That means Congress will have to stay in D.C. all summer to pass the dozen or more government spending bills before the September deadline. 

Right now, Congress is getting to work on crafting the country's foreign aid budgets. That includes United Nations funding.

It is up to all of us likeminded Conservatives to get loud and FORCE Congress to cut the cord on the United Nations!

President Trump is angry. This is our once in a lifetime chance to defund the United Nations and an opportunity we cannot afford to waste!

 Pull the plug! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they defund the United Nations and put an end to its anti-American radicalism for good!

It's time to put America First and the UN last!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily