There was no shortage of controversy during the Obama administration. At the top of the list, however, was Obama's attempts to circumvent Congress and implement his agenda by executive order. 

We are seeing just how hard it is to undo the damage that Obama did. For example, Federal judges are currently blocking President Trump from undoing Obama's illegal alien amnesty programs.

But while the activist judiciary works to block Trump's actions at home, the United Nations is working to block Trump abroad and to lock him into the horrible deals that Obama signed.

President Trump is in the process of walking away from the Iran nuclear agreement. This was a "treaty" that Congress never ratified. Instead, Obama signed onto it himself and committed the country to the terms in the process.

We've seen just how horrible that agreement was. Not only does Iran maintain the ability to produce nuclear weapons at a moment's notice, but the deal did nothing to stop the Islamic Republic from continuing to test ballistic missiles or send fighters to places like Syria to kill American and Israeli soldiers. Just this past weekend, Israel bombed an Iranian training base in Syria.

The United Nations is refusing to budge and demanding that Trump stay in the agreement. Even though the deal was never ratified by Congress, the UN is claiming that Obama's signature is binding.

If that sounds familiar, it should. They are trying the same tactic with the Paris Climate Treaty. It was never ratified by Congress and therefore never became US law. But the United Nations is forcing Trump to stay in the agreement until 2020. To be specific, they are forcing us to stay in Barack Obama's unconstitutional climate change treaty until after the next Presidential election.

All of this is being done with YOUR taxdollars. All of it. Every legal action the United Nations takes against President Trump is made possible by America's yearly donation to them.

It has to stop.

Kick the UN to the curb! Tell Congress right now that they MUST defund the United Nations!

For eight years, Barack Obama and the United Nations worked hand-in-hand to erode American sovereignty. Where Congress wouldn't bow to his demands, Obama went to the UN to get what he wanted.

Remember the UN Arms Trade Treaty? Congress refused to pass Barack Obama's gun control package so he went through the United Nations instead. Up until the day he left office, Obama tried to impose the UN's gun control policies on America. Many of them were overturned in the first few months of the Trump Presidency.

This past winter, Trump cut hundreds of millions in funding to the United Nations. Most of that was cut from the Palestinian refugee fund, which was being used to teach the next generation of Palestinians to hate America and our ally Israel.

The United Nations just revealed that even after asking other countries to fill the void, they are still coming up hundreds of millions short.

Trump's strategy is working. The UN is being forced to come back on its knees to ask for more refugee funding.

But there is only so much that Trump can do on his own. He needs Congressional action to be able to defund the United Nations once and for all.

And the only way that happens is if YOU demand it!

Tell Congress right now that they MUST defund the United Nations and stop this madness!

It really is simple: either we have a country, or we don't.

The Constitution could not be clearer. In order for an international treaty to become U.S. law, it must be signed with the "advice and consent" of Congress. That means 2/3 of the Senate must sign onto it.

Obama bypassed Congress entirely and tried to rule as a king. He did it on immigration, gun control, global warming, and the Iran nuclear deal.

The UN thinks they can push us around. They think they can use your taxdollars to further erode America's sovereignty. Many in Congress seem to be ok with that. Last year, RINOs like Lamar Alexander and Lindsey Graham worked to restore funding to the UN's climate treaty. Right now, that funding is being used to stop President Trump from leaving the treaty.

The UN is still dreaming of the Obama years, and it is up to you to wake them up!

 Stop Congress from bowing to the UN. Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to cut the UN's funding, not expand it!