It has been a year and a half since Donald Trump withdrew the United States. For the first time since Barack Obama signed this treaty without Congressional approval, there will be no US representative at this year's climate summit. Obama-holdovers in the State Department had pushed to attend this week's UN Climate Conference in Poland, but Trump officials shot their plan down.

This week was particularly bad for the United Nations. France's President Emanuel Macron tried to implement massive fuel and carbon taxes to meet their obligations to the treaty and the French people literally rebelled. There were riots in the streets of Paris and Macron was forced to back down and remove the new taxes.

France had to implement those new fees in order to keep the UN Climate Treaty funded. The agreement is nothing but a thinly veiled wealth redistribution plan. Wealthy countries like America were supposed to donate billions, which the UN would then use to subsidize industry in third world and developing countries like India.

So not only was Obama going to use your taxdol.lars to help another country's economy, but he committed us to the treaty without Congressional ratification.

You might think that the US isn't funding this horrible treaty since Trump announced we were withdrawing. Well, we still are...

The United Nations refuses to let us withdraw until the day after the 2020 election. The Globalists hope that if they can keep us in, a new President will replace Trump and fully recommit to the scheme. The UN has been heavily lobbying Congress to restore their funding and they just got Paul Ryan to give them what they wished for!

Stop the GOPers from restoring the United Nations funding! Send your instant message to Congress now and FORCE them to cut it all!

We widely reported that last year, Republicans Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham teamed up with Democrats to push a UN funding amendment through the Senate Appropriations Committee. That vote ensured that the UN's Green Climate Fund -- the body that manages the climate treaty -- could keep the lights on.

They turned around and used that funding to force the United States to stay in the treaty. Now, they want the rest of what Obama promised them: no less the 2 billion in additional funding.

Right now as you read this, Congressional negotiators putting together a massive spending package to keep the government running. It includes a State Department Appropriation Bill, which includes provisions to continue funding the UN's radical climate agenda.

And guess what: GOPers in Congress aren't just preparing to refund this radical UN program, but they're actually going to increase its taxpayer funding!

This is the last time Republicans will have the power of the purse for at least another 2 years. Are they using it to pass a Conservative agenda? No, they're increasing the United Nations' funding!

Cut off the UN for good! Please, tell Congress right now that they must cut off all funding to the UN's radical climate agenda right now, or else!

It isn't just enough to stop Congress from increasing the UN's funding. It's time to cut it completely.

You see what is happening in Mexico. UN officials were caught helping the caravan migrants get chartered buses to reach the border at a record pace. Now, UN officials are in the border region coaching the migrants on how to illegally game the system to get asylum in the United States.

The UN was only able to do this because Paul Ryan pushed through a continuing resolution that restored the United Nation's funding. They immediately used it to restart their attack on our sovereignty.

Now, they want to do the same with their radical climate agenda. France withdrew from the funding plan after their citizens rioted in the streets. Australia has now pulled its funding as well. The UN knows that the only way they can keep the lights on is if they get the funding from YOU!

If Paul Ryan can secure the UN's funding, then Nancy Pelosi will have everything she needs to increase it to Obama levels! Whatever you do, don't let Congress give it to them this week!

Whatever you do, please send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to not only stop Paul Ryan's UN funding increase, but cut the United Nations' funding once and for all!

Cut it all,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily