Breaking; The United Nations is demanding that Congress restore the 3 billion in funding that Obama promised!

The United Nations is really hurting. All of the cuts that Trump made have forced the UN to cut budgets and look for funding elsewhere.

The biggest decision Trump made was to pull back the 3 billion that Obama had promised to the UN's Green Climate Fund. This is the agency created to redistribute funding around the world. Your taxdol.lars were supposed to go to countries like India and China to upgrade their industrial sectors to help them reduce emissions. 

In other words, instead of propping up American industry, Obama wanted to prop up the third world to help them compete with American companies.

When Donald Trump pulled out of the UN Climate Agreement, the United Nations was furious. They expected the full 3 billion that Obama promised. Trump killed their budget. For the first time ever, the Green Climate Fund suspended all redistribution programs this past year. They can barely even keep the lights on.

Yesterday, another shoe dropped on the Globalists. Australia announced that it was cutting its funding to the Green Climate Fund as well. Instead of letting the UN redistribute the funding around the world, Australia will use it how they see fit. More countries are now talking about pulling their funding as well.

The UN believes that Obama's promise was binding. Even though the Congress never ratified it, the UN is demanding Trump payup. They think they can stop the bleeding by going after us.

It's time to pull the plug on the whole organization...

Cut the UN's funding for good! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them top pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and finally put America first!

A study was just released that shows the United States, under Trump, actually cut more greenhouse gasses than the rest of the world. Trump cut off the funding and contrary to what radical leftists predicted, the US actually cut emissions. None of the European countries that signed on actually lived up to their promises.

Trump was the first President ever to stand up to the United Nations like this. So you can imagine our shock to find that Congress actually restored much of the UN funding that Trump had cut!

That's right, Paul Ryan struck a last minute deal with Democrats to pass a continuing resolution early this month to keep the government funding. Instead of passing a new spending bill, the resolution simply continues the funding levels that were agreed to back in 2017. That includes millions in funding to the UN's Green Climate Fund!

Trump cut the funding and Republicans Lamar Alexander and Susan Collins added it back in. Not only that, but they attached the UN's funding to FEMA emergency programs. So, if Trump wanted to cut the funding again, he would have to also defund FEMA's hurricane relief programs... The President had no choice. He had to sign it.

But the continuing resolution was only temporary. It expires in just a couple of weeks.

Congress must vote again. If they pass the legislation again, then the UN's funding would be permanently restored!

The United Nations' bureaucrats are pushing hard for this. Their radical climate plan is literally going belly-up and they need your taxdol.lars to stay afloat.

Fight back!

Not one cent more! Tell Congress right now they MUST pull the plug on all of the United Nations' funding, or else!

Keeping true to his "America first" promise, President Trump cut billions from the UN and international aid programs over the past year. Paul Ryan struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi to restore most of it in order to stave off a government shutdown. Now, leftists and moderate Republicans want to make the UN funding restoration permanent!

The United Nations is licking its lips. Democrats and turncoat Republicans want to save the UN's radical climate agenda.

Conservatives in Congress have a different plan. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. It would cut all funding from the UN, except what is necessary to withdraw from it.

No funds shall be appropriated to the United Nations, "except to facilitate termination of the United States membership and withdrawal of United States personnel and equipment."

Since the continuing resolution was only temporary, Congress must pass another bill concerning UN funding. Massie's bill would instead cut it all. The establishment wants to permanently restore the funding to the United Nations that Trump cut. 

Do not let Paul Ryan get away with this!

Stop the GOP from surrendering and restoring all of the UN's funding! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and order them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act!

Keep fighting,
Joe Otto

Conservative Daily