Fellow Conservative,

This past week, Donald Trump fulfilled a campaign promise and announced he was withdrawing the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal. The agreement, which was signed by Barack Obama but never technically signed by Iran, would have allowed Iran to start developing nuclear weapons again legally in just a few short years.

And as Israeli intelligence reports showed, Iran was secretly hiding its nuclear research to be able to kick start its nuclear program again at a moment's notice.

Trump withdrew from the agreement, marking the third UN-backed agreement that Trump has thrown in the trash: the UN Arms Trade Treaty, the UN Climate Agreement, and now the Iran Nuclear Deal.

President Trump is pressuring America's European allies to join in demanding a new nuclear deal with Iran, one that can ensure the Islamic Republic of Iran never gets a nuclear weapon.

The United Nations, however, is using your taxdollars to conspire to save the Iran deal. The United Nations is meeting with European leaders and promising that UN inspectors can do the job and make sure that Iran never gets the bomb.

 Shut. It. Down. Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to pull the plug on the United Nations for its anti-American activities!

Those UN inspectors aren't so sure. Tero Varjoranta, the head of the UN's nuclear inspection agency, abruptly resigned. The UN has been making promises he knows they can't keep.

The UN have committed themselves to undermining President Trump at every turn.

They are trying to force middle eastern refugees on this country, in defiance of Pres. Trump's travel ban. They have been helping Central Americans lie to border agents to fraudulently gain asylum in the U.S. The UN is even teaming up with liberal mayors and governors to keep Obama's climate treaty alive, even though Trump withdrew. 

But believe it or not, they have stooped to a new low. They are now trying to preserve the Iran Nuclear Deal and save Iran's ability to break out and create a bomb.

For the last year and a half, the United Nations has used your taxdollars to undermine America's sovereignty. But now, we have reached a new low at the United Nations.

They are using YOUR taxdollars to undermine our national security.

No more...

 Shut. It. Down. Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to pull the plug on the United Nations for its anti-American activities!

This year, we scored a major victory. After pressuring Congress to take action, Conservative Congressmen and Senators added language to the omnibus spending bill to finally defund the UN's anti-American programs.

They slipped the amendment in and before the globalists knew what hit them, it had already been signed into law.

We are calling on Congress to make good on this promise. The United Nations is hopelessly anti-American and they are using American taxdollars to push their agenda.

Congress has the authority to defund the United Nations for anti-American activities. The legislation has already been introduced by Senator Ted Cruz.

For over a year, it has collected dust because the GOP leadership doesn't want to touch it.

But do you know what also happened over this same time period? The legislation gained more supporters, both Republicans and Democrats.

This UN campaign to save the Iran nuclear deal must be the final straw. The evidence shows that Iran was preparing to restart its nuclear weapons program. After Trump withdrew, the Iranian government literally promised to restart its nuclear program. For goodness sake, Iranian legislators just burned American flags and chanted "death to America" inside of their parliament.

The UN is siding with the world's largest sponsor of terrorism and wants to preserve the deal that preserves the Iranian nuclear weapons program. And they think they can do that with your funding.

Shut. It. Down. You must send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to pull the plug on the United Nations for its anti-American activities!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily