For years, we have been trying to hammer home a very simple point. Every time the United Nations receives funding from American taxpayers, they use it to chip away at and undermine our rights and sovereignty.

Every. Single. Time.

Just before Christmas, Congress passed a spending bill that agreed to fund the United Nations through 2020. Republicans were able to kill most of the Democrats' proposed funding increases, but the United States is still going to give the UN billions this year.

As we reported, the UN has been facing a bankruptcy crisis. They have been so short on funds, the UN has been forced to close their New York Headquarters building for two days a week. All thanks to Trump's UN spending cuts. The UN announced back in the Fall that they were implementing a hiring freeze to try to stay afloat.

But now that the spending bill passed, the UN is able to lift that hiring freeze. We have been watching to see what the UN would prioritize now that they had American funding to pay for their programs.

Well, we received an alert today that the UN is officially hiring... an English speaking expert in gun control and civilian disarmament!

Don't let the UN globalists win! Fight back right now and FORCE Congress to pull the plug on the United Nations civilian disarmament program!

That's right. After facing the worst bankruptcy crisis in its history, the United Nations' first order of business is to hire an English-speaking gun control officer that can lead their disarmament programs.

I am putting a focus on the "English speaking" requirement for a reason. The United States is the only English-speaking country that has not already implemented disarmament measures.

Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand have all confiscated their civilians firearms and forced remaining gun owners to register with the government. The only English-speaking country that hasn't already implemented the UN's gun control agenda is the United States!

The UN isn't even trying to hide it anymore. They are literally coming for our guns and using YOUR taxd ollars to do it!

Barack Obama instructed John Kerry to sign the UN's Small Arms Trade Treaty back in 2013, even though he knew Congress would never ratify it. Even though the signature was illegal, Obama ignored the Constitution and began helping the UN implement their gun control agenda in the United States.

Now, the UN wants to finish what Obama started... And to add insult to injury, they are doing it with YOUR taxd ollars!

Congress must shut down this UN disarmament effort and it is up to you to demand it!

Don't let the UN globalists win! Fight back right now and FORCE Congress to pull the plug on the United Nations civilian disarmament program!

We aren't talking hypotheticals, anymore. This is happening.

In Virginia, the new Democrat government is literally talking about using the National Guard to carry out door-to-door gun confiscations. That is precisely the scenario that the UN's civilian disarmament team would get involved with...

There has never been a time that the UN stood up for Americans' rights or liberties. Every American dollar that they receive is used to further chip away at our sovereignty... Just last week, the UN created a China and Russia-backed commission to police the internet and crack down on free speech crimes.

They are going after our 1st Amendment rights, and now they are preparing to target the 2nd Amendment...

It is time to put an end to the UN once and for all!

Shut it down!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily