Take a good long look at that image above. That is a picture of a tweet sent out by the United Nations' Geneva office, home of the Human Rights Council, denouncing the Trump administration for branding Antifa as terrorists. No, that is not a doctored tweet. The UN actually sent that out...

As you know, the UN Human Rights Council is meeting this week. They voted UNANIMOUSLY to approve an investigation into "systemic racism" and "police brutality" in the United States. The resolution to intervene in the United States' affairs was introduced by Burkina Faso, an African country plagued by ethno-religious violence. The pot calling the kettle black...

The UN has now authorized that investigation to move forward. The United Nations' so-called "human rights experts" will investigate racism in the US and then report to the UNHRC on whether a full-blown intervention is necessary.

Just so we are clear, the UN is launching this intervention because ten unarmed African Americans were killed by police in 2019 (and even still, the majority of those shootings were deemed to be justified). They ignore literal human rights violations in countries like China or Saudi Arabia, but are dedicating their time to launching an intervention into the United States' affairs...

In addition to investigating whether there is a genocide targeting African Americans in the United States (there is not), the UN is also investigating how the Trump administration is treating "protesters." UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres personally authorized UN officials to begin working with "protesters" on the ground in American cities and start their fact finding efforts.

But the UN isn't actually concerned with how protesters are being treated. They are concerned with how Trump is treating Antifa...

Let us be absolutely clear: Antifa are not protesters. They are domestic terrorists. They are anarchists. Just yesterday, Antifa hoodlums, teaming up with Black Lives Matter protesters, blocked the gates going into Trump's Tulsa rally. After the Trump rally ended, Police were forced to deploy less-than-lethal weapons to stop the Antifa scum from attacking rally-goers on their way back to their cars.

These are the people that the UN is now defending and supporting. We have confirmed that UN officials are on the ground in these protests and riots.

I warned you on Friday that the UN was launching an intervention in the US to investigate "systemic racism." That is happening.

But this is far, far worse. UN officials are actually teaming up with the Antifa organizations responsible for the riots, looting, and violence plaguing our cities!

Don't let the UN use your taxes to support Antifa! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they immediately pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act... or else!

It is one thing to investigate the United States for non-existent crimes against humanity. It is an entirely different matter to defend and support insurrectionist terrorists taking over American streets.

On Friday night, someone was shot in the so-called CHAZ/CHOP. This is the 6-block zone in Seattle that has been taken over by Black Lives Matter and Antifa goons. Police tried to get into the Chaz to save the injured person, but Antifa "protesters" pushed them back. An ambulance tried to get into the Chaz, but the Antifa "protesters" blocked their path. By the time the man was finally brought to a hospital, it was too late. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

These are the Antifa terrorists that the UN is now supporting. There is literally blood on their hands.

Do you know how the United Nations is able to prop up these Antifa terrorists? They are using YOUR taxd ollars. The average American taxpayer contributes roughly fifty bucks to the United Nations every year. Added all up, America's annual "donation" to the UN approaches 10 billion.

We have known for a long time that the UN uses this money to undermine our sovereignty. They create gun control policies to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights and have literally been caught scheming to send unvetted refugees to our shores.

But this is a whole other level. Beyond simply trying to undermine us, the United Nations is now supporting a domestic terrorist group operating on US soil. 

American taxd ollars are now being used to prop up the anarchist group responsible for burning down neighborhoods, attacking bystanders, and destroying livelihoods.

The UN thinks they can get away with this. It is up to you to prove them wrong!

Don't let the UN use your taxes to support Antifa! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they immediately pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act... or else!

The legislation to deal with this has already been introduced. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act is just six and a half pages long, but it would immediately cut ALL funding to the United Nations. The bill would cancel UN officials' diplomatic immunity and permanently remove the UN's ability to give orders to American soldiers.

President Trump is cutting UN funding where he can, but the law restricts what he can do on his own. It will take an Act of Congress to fully pull the plug.

That is where you come in. It is up to you to demand that Congress pass this bill.

The UN proved they were unworthy of American funding the minute they launched an "intervention" into systemic racism in the United States. But now that they are openly and unapologetically supporting Antifa terrorists, we can no longer wait any longer.

The United Nations MUST be defunded immediately, and only you can force Congress to act!

Don't let the UN use your taxes to support Antifa! Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they immediately pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act... or else!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily