The Democrats are voting THIS WEEK on their radical gun ban and confiscation proposal, and the GOP cowards are offering to meet them halfway!

On Wednesday, the Judiciary Committee will vote on the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. As we have covered, this one bill would ban tens of millions of the most popular rifles, shotguns, and pistols in the country.

But the Left isn't stopping there. They also want to confiscated these firearms as well. That is why Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is forcing a vote on his forced buyback amendment, which would force Americans to sell their firearms to the government, or else face prison time.

This is the Left's endgame. We have always known they wanted to confiscate our firearms, but now they are actually admitting it.

The GOP should be fighting back. They should be doing everything in their power to stop this from passing.

But instead, the Republicans are offering to compromise and meet the Democrats halfway. They are offering Democrats the power to create a registry of American gun owners...

Registration leads to confiscation. That is a fact. Just look at Canada. They banned so-called "assault weapons" decades ago. But they also forced Canadian gun owners to register their firearms with the police. Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that the government will be expanding the definition of an "assault weapon" to ban even more firearms. And since all of these guns are registered, the police will know exactly where to launch the confiscation raids.

This is what the GOP is offering to give to the Democrats right now. The Republicans' gun control compromise plan just leaked. Their proposal would allow the Federal government to record every time a firearm changes hands.

The DOJ already does this for firearms purchased from licensed gun stores. That is what the background check system does. It notifies the government who is buying a firearm and creates a record of what firearm was transferred. If a gun is used in a crime, then the ATF can trace it back to where it was sold.

The Republican proposal would expand that system to private sales/transfers as well. Every time a gun changes hands in this country, the Federal government would know who sold it, who bought it, and there would be a record detailing what kind of gun it was. The ATF would suddenly be able to create a database showing who owns what weapons. 

This is the first step towards confiscation.

This is what the Left has always wanted and the Republicans are just offering to give it to them!

Please, join the fight! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill these gun control bills before it's too late!

Ronald Reagan famously said that our rights and liberties are never more than a generation away from extinction. He was absolutely right. The Left tried to ban and confiscate Americans' guns back in 1994, but couldn't get it done. Now, the next generation of Democrats are back to try and finish the job.

The very future of the 2nd Amendment is being decided this week.

Will you let these GOP cowards sell you out? Or will you stand up and stop this surrender bill from being pushed through?

Never give up,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily