Bowe Bergdahl pled guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. However, a Judge didn't like that then-candidate Trump had called Bergdahl a traitor. So, the judge actually used those comments to justify giving Bergdahl no jail time for his crimes.

Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan and literally sought out the Taliban. In letters he wrote home, Bergdahl told his parents he was ashamed to be an American. After Obama traded 5 terrorists to secure his release, Bergdahl was asked to compare the American government to the Taliban. 'At least the Taliban is honest,' Bergdahl said.

After his conviction and slap on the wrist sentence, Bergdahl's lawyers are filing another set of motions. Not only are they demanding that Bergdahl receive the Prisoner of War medal, but they are also demanding more thanĀ 300G of backpay from when he was held in captivity.

I reported to you last week that Bergdahl's lawyers wanted to turn him into a hero. Now, apparently, they want to make him rich as well!

Tell Congress Bergdahl deserves nothing! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to block traitor Bergdahl from receiving a medal and all of his backpay!

Congress is responsible for creating the Prisoner of War medal. Congress is also responsible for setting Military pay. Because of that, Congress has the power to put an end to this nonsense once and for all. A week ago, we spoke with two Congressmen and explained what is going on with Bergdahl. They were absolutely appalled that a traitor, someone convicted of desertion, would not only get off without any punishment, but could also be rewarded like this.

This is the inscription on the back of the Prisoner of War medal: "For Honorable Service While A Prisoner Of War." It would be a travesty for him to receive this.

Every day that passes is another day closer Bergdahl gets to a payday and a medal pinned to his chest. In recent days, I skimmed through many of the stories behind men and women who have won the Prisoner of War medal in the past. I couldn't read all of them because there are more than 32k records, but I read as many as I could. As I went through them, I saw real heroes, men and women who never stopped fighting for their country, even in captivity.

These brave soldiers bled, and sometimes died, for their country in the worst of conditions. Bowe Bergdahl, on the other hand, left the safety of his base and deliberately went to try to find the enemy.

The real heroes deserve more praise and gratitude than we will every be able to give them. But they also deserve not being lumped together with this traitor, either.

There were six men, and a military dog named Remco, who were killed in action on rescue missions searching for Bergdahl. They knew he was a traitor, but they wanted to save him anyway. Others on the patrol were injured, including National Guard Master Sergeant Mark Allen, who now suffers from a traumatic brain injury after he was shot in the head while searching for Bergdahl. He is confined to a wheel chair. These heroes deserve more than watching the traitor they searched for get honored like this.

These real heroes deserve everything. Bowe Bergdahl deserves nothing.

Don't let Bergdahl be rewarded for his desertion! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they put a stop to this madness!

The Military justice system failed in this instance. Not only did the judge let Bowe Bergdahl off with no actual punishment, but he left the door open for Bergdahl to not only receive a medal for his desertion, but also become rich over it.

Our demand of Congress is two-fold.

1) They MUST do everything in their power to reverse this shameful ruling. Congress has succeeded in pressuring the Pentagon to stand down when it was unjustly prosecuting soldiers in the past. Congress must use every tool at their disposal to stop Bergdahl from receiving such a sham sentence.

2) Congress needs to stop Bergdahl from receiving the Prisoner of War medal or any back pay. This man wrote that he was ashamed to be an American and then deserted his post to seek out the enemy. He deserves nothing!

Our goal today is to hit 300k FaxBlasts to Congress making these two demands. One for every dol lar that Bergdahl's lawyers believe he is owed. But we need your help to make this happen.

If you are able, please join this campaign. This isn't the most important issue facing the country, not by a longshot, but it is certainly the most important issue to the families who lost loves ones searching for this traitor and are still trying to pick up the pieces.

They deserve more than to watch this traitor get a medal pinned to his chest.

Tell Congress Bergdahl deserves nothing. Use this FaxBlast system to overload Congress and FORCE them to block Bowe Bergdahl from receiving the Prisoner of War medal and any backpay!