This is unbelievable. A UN Spokesperson is now pushing for more gun control in America in response to 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse being forced to defend himself against a registered sex offender, domestic abuser, and convicted felon who were trying to kill him...

The man photographed above is named Rupert Colville. We have talked about him before, but the only thing you need to know about Rupert is that he is the spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Whenever there is a human rights violation anywhere in the world, he trots out to reporters and gives the United Nations' official statement.

This past week, he trotted out to condemn the events in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I am not joking: the UN's human rights spokesperson took time out of his "busy" day to condemn the actions of a 17-year-old boy who was forced to defend himself against an angry mob trying to kill him.

After announcing that he had watched "disturbing footage," Colville condemned the "[lack of] gun control measures in the United States" and said that "it should be inconceivable that you have a 17-year-old running around with an automatic rifle.”

So many lies to unpack there. First of all, Kyle Rittenhouse had a semi-automatic rifle, not an automatic, and his lawyers contend that he acquired the firearm legally, suggesting that it was given to him by a legal owner in Wisconsin for a legal purpose.

Second of all, every person Kyle shot was in the process of attacking him and trying to kill him. For example, noticeably missing from the UN's statement is any mention of Gaige Grosskreutz, the felon who charged Kyle with an illegally possessed Glock handgun. You would think that if the United Nations spokesman is going to talk about gun control laws, he would mention the clear elephant in the room: that Kyle Rittenhouse shot a convicted felon who was charging him with an illegal gun... Or that he would mention how Kyle only shot Anthony Huber, reported to be a convicted domestic abuser, because he had just hit Kyle over the head with a skateboard. Or that he would bring up the fact that as Joseph Rosenbaum, reported to be registered sex offender for crimes cimmitted against a minor, chased Kyle into a dimly lit parking lot, someone else fired a handgun, which prompted Kyle to turn around and shoot the sex offender who was lunging at him...

But the United Nations doesn't deal in facts. They are only interested in furthering their agenda, which is to erode and stomp out as many of our rights as they can!

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and force them to kill the Democrats' planned UN funding increase and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act instead!

Colville praised the peaceful protesters (read: rioters) as a "serious grassroots movement [that has] mobilized" to change American, but he lamented that it is hard to see how the protests can be successful "when guns are so readily available and especially assault rifles."

Let me unpack that for you: the United Nations is complaining that the "peaceful protesters" who torched Minneapolis, Portland, and Kenosha will not be able to ultimately succeed in their mission to change the United States because it is too easy for Americans to defend themselves. If only America was disarmed, then the Antifa and BLM mobs would be able to rule unopposed...

All of this is crazy, but those are direct quotes from the man speaking on behalf of the UN's human rights commissioner...

What Rupert Colville neglected to mention, however, is that the mobs we are seeing are not truly part of a "grassroots movement." In early June, the UN's Secretary General himself lifted a ban on UN officials participating in the "protests" in the United States. For the United Nations to have its own employees participating in these "peaceful protests" is an unprecedented effort to meddle in the domestic affairs of the United States.

But that's all the UN ever seems interested in doing. In mid-August, the United Nations Refugee Agency filed an amicus brief in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to try to force the Trump administration to re-open the border so illegal aliens could once again stream across and file fraudulent asylum claims. This is not an exaggeration, the UN is literally joining a fight to try to re-open our borders and weaken our asylum system (just as I warned you). These are the same "asylum seekers" that the UN was caught helping travel through Central America so they could illegally cross the US border. These are the same "asylum seekers" that UN officials were caught coaching, to teach them what they needed to say to Border Patrol agents (even if it was a lie) to be guaranteed asylum.

Also last month, the United Nations blocked a Trump administration effort to place sanctions back on Iran and refused to even consider the motion until Trump rejoined the failing Iran Nuclear Deal (an international agreement Obama forced on us that was widely considered to have been unconstitutional for bypassing the Constitution's Treaty Clause). The only way the UN would agree to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power would be if Trump agreed to surrender our sovereignty back over to them...

When President Trump announced he was withdrawing from the UN's climate treaty, another international agreement Obama forced on us without submitting it to Congress for ratification, the UN responded by blocking us from leaving until November 4, 2020. That is one day after the election... The UN is hoping that they can keep us in their wealth redistribution scheme if Joe Biden finds a way to win in November.

The UN Human Rights Commissioner is also trying to stop the Trump administration from drilling in the arctic, contending that opening up lands in Alaska to drill for oil "would infringe the enjoyment of human rights by Gwich’in indigenous peoples."

But this next one truly takes the cake. As you know, President Trump has already purchased hundreds of millions of doses for a coronavirus vaccine. Personally, I won't touch the stuff and I would certainly never submit to mandatory vaccinations. But if people want to receive the vaccine, they should have that option. If all of the vaccines in Phase III right now end up being approved, the United States should have enough doses to vaccinate everyone. This week, officials at the United Nations and World Health Organization were furious when Trump rejected their request to join their vaccine sharing program called Covax. The UN and WHO say that Covax is designed to ensure "equitable access" to coronavirus vaccines. Countries are being encouraged to send their vaccines to the UN/WHO so they can decide who gets the doses first.

Whether you support the vaccine development or not, it is absolutely insane to think that after spending billions of dollars to purchase enough vaccines so that every American who wants a dose can get one, the United Nations and World Health Organization would expect us to give the doses to them so that they can decide who gets them. It is just insane. And yet, the mainstream media is condemning Trump for not participating in the program.

I've barely touched the surface. I can write for hours about all of the ways that the United Nations tries to infringe on our rights.

It is time to pull the plug on the UN for good!

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and force them to kill the Democrats' planned UN funding increase and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act instead!

The good news is President Trump is done sending American funding over to the WHO. His administration just cut another 60 million from the World Health Organization. Trump refuses to pay into an organization that does not have America's best interest at heart.

The bad news is that the law, as written, doesn't allow him to just cut the funding completely. While President Trump can stop it from being funneled to the WHO, he has to redirect it to pay down other commitments to the United Nations as a whole. Only an act of Congress can make the cut permanent.

And that is precisely what Congressman Mike Rogers is trying to accomplish. His bill -- H.R.204 -- would cut off the United Nations' funding. Period. Congress would be free to individually fund UN programs that are worthwhile, such as UNICEF's effort to feed the world's children, but the United Nations would no longer receive a blank check every year to use as they please. It would also kick UN troops out of American military bases and rescind United Nations officials' diplomatic immunity, meaning that when they commit crimes on US soil, they would no longer be allowed to hide behind the UN flag.

Here is the important part: Congress is, right now, debating next year's United Nations funding. Congress must pass a spending bill by the end of this month, otherwise the State Department will shutdown. Right now, the legislation includes a funding increase for the United Nations.

Democrats are hoping they can box Republicans into a corner and force them to increase the UN's funding so they can avoid being blamed for a government shutdown. That is why it is so important for you to rise up and fight back against this now. There is still time to get the UN's funding stripped out of the bill!

But only if you take action right now and demand it!

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and force them to kill the Democrats' planned UN funding increase and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act instead!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily