Last week, we published an article reporting that the United Nations "ordered" Trump to stand down in Portland and respect the rights of "peaceful protesters." That article was 100% accurate. A UN spokesperson said that the Trump administration "must" respect the rights of Portland protesters and not use excessive force against them. We interpreted the word "must" to mean a "demand," which is a synonym for "order."

Facebook's fact checkers, however, disagreed and labeled our article as False. An Entertainment reporter decided that, in her opinion, the language did not constitute an order or demand, so she got our post censored on social media sites.

Now, a couple of days later, our article is still true. One day after that "fact check," the United Nations released a "General Comment" declaring that countries have an "obligation" to respect the rights of protesters, such as Antifa, and can have "no unwarranted interference" in any of these street protests. Not only does the UN say that America has an obligation to help facilitate these street protests, but it also holds that the "possibility" that a protest could turn violent is not sufficient reason to shut it down.

It is obvious who this is being aimed at. They are talking directly to the United States.

And yes, the UN is talking about Antifa. Last month, the United Nations not only tweeted out that they supported Antifa, but also that they condemned the Trump administration's decision to treat Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. After tremendous backlash, the UN deleted that tweet. But that same sentiment lives on in this latest list of demands from the United Nations Human Rights Office...

The UN is demanding that the United States give these Antifa thugs free reign of America's cities so they can be allowed to "peacefully protest." And they issued this latest demand using YOUR tax dollars!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and demand that they BLOCK Pelosi's plan to restore the UN's funding and instead pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to cut the funding, once and for all!

The basis of the United Nations' demand comes from Article 21 of the UN Charter, which states that "no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to a procedure established by law."

When the UN says that the United States is obligated to respect the rights of Antifa terrorists, they are demanding that the Trump administration respect these rioters' human rights.

When the UN says the US has an obligation to help Antifa "peacefully protest" without any interference, they are claiming that to do the opposite would not only be a violation of the UN's charter, but also international law.

Make no mistake: this is a demand. It is an order. Any time that the United Nations releases a "general comment" with a list of demands, it is meant to be received as an order. And like any other demand or order, there are consequences if we disobey...

You funded this. Every year, the average American taxpayer sends 50 of their hard earned money to the United Nations. Individually, that is not that much. But added together, we are talking about billions being sent to the UN every single year. And this is how they repay us... They use our "donation" to prop up Antifa and condemn American law enforcement officers trying to retake our city streets...

President Trump has done his best to cut funding to the United Nations. Over the last three and a half years, Trump has cut hundreds of millions from the UN using his discretionary powers as President. When he discovers that a UN program is not in the United States' interest, Trump has the power to cut the funding.

But those discretionary cuts are temporary. In order to become permanent, Congress has to approve them. If Congress votes to restore the funding that Trump cut, then the United Nations gets its funding back.

With all of the talk on Capitol Hill about the emergency coronavirus spending package, it is easy to forget that Congress is also debating the 2021 appropriations package. Lo and behold, not only does it restore hundreds of millions in cuts that Trump made to the UN's budget, but it actually increases America's donation to the United Nations as well.

And the Democrats and GOPers are hoping they can slip it through without you noticing!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and demand that they BLOCK Pelosi's plan to restore the UN's funding and instead pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to cut the funding, once and for all!

There is a solution. It is called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. Authored by Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL), this bill would cut ALL funding to the United Nations. Congress would be free to pick and choose programs to participate in, such as UNICEF. But the bill would ban the lump sum payments that America sends to the globalists at the UN every year.

And it doesn't stop there. The legislation would also withdraw all personnel and equipment currently under UN control and prohibit the United Nations from ever giving an order to another American again. It would prohibit UN soldiers from training on US soil and revoke the diplomatic immunity enjoyed by UN officials living and working in the United States.

It is common sense. The funding that we send the United Nations only ends up getting used against us. The UN likely spent millions on this "general comment" demanding that Trump respect the rights of the "peaceful" rioters and thugs. 

Enough is enough. If the UN wants to take the side of domestic terrorists and endorse the violence we are seeing in our streets, then they need to do it without our funding. Period.

But the GOP is already agreeing to Nancy Pelosi's United Nations funding demands. They have already agreed to undo most of Trump's cuts and to actually increase the United Nations' funding...

They are hoping that with all eyes on the pandemic, they can restore the UN's funding without you noticing...

It is up to you to put a stop to this Leftist scheme before it gets passed into law!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily