For months, Donald Trump has kept his distance from the corrupt investigations in the DOJ and FBI. Sure, he's tweeted about it and criticized it, but he never actually intervened to force the department to do anything. Since Robert Mueller is actively trying to prosecute him for "obstruction of justice," Trump's lawyers have ordered him to stay away from the Department.

But things have gotten so bad, the President has decided he just can't ignore it anymore.

Last month, President Trump did something incredibly daring. He ordered the DOJ and FBI to release the secret warrant they used to spy on his campaign. They did.

That warrant, even though it was heavily redacted, proved what we had already suspected: The Obama administration deliberately hid from the FISA judge that the Trump dossier -- the heart of their investigation -- was bought and paid-for by the Clinton campaign.

On top of that, it proves that Peter Strzok was involved with the FISA application. He had told Congress under oath that he wasn't. The President literally released evidence that Strzok committed a crime.

Not only is the DOJ refusing to prosecute him for it, but they are also refusing to release any other documents. The Deep State is openly defying the President!

Lock them all up! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND they start charging these Deep State criminals, or else!

Pres. Trump is now saying that he may need to get involved again to force the FBI to release disgraced Andrew McCabe's text messages.

The DOJ Inspector General has already referred McCabe for criminal prosecution for his actions. But like always, the Deep State is rallying to protect one of their own. They are refusing to release even one of McCabe's text messages.

President Trump just issued a bombshell warning to the Deep State: "I may have to get involved, do not destroy" these documents.

Think about that. The President of the United States just had to instruct his subordinates not to destroy evidence from a man who was already referred for prosecution...

Trump is doing the hard work, but Congress refuses to act on what he is giving them. He handed Congress evidence that Peter Strzok lied under oath in his testimony.

Strzok was asked a very simple question under oath: Did you have anything to do with the Carter Page FISA warrant?

Strzok replied, "No." That was a lie. The documents that Trump forced the FBI to release show that Peter Strzok was intimately involved with the application to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign. He lied to Congress. That is punishable by up to five years in prison.

We also learned from the released documents that the FBI and DOJ lied to trick a judge into approving the warrant. They told the judge that the Christopher Steele was hired by a "business associate." They lied in order to hide that he was hired by the Clinton Campaign.

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, and Rod Rosenstein all signed off on this lie. They lied to a Federal judge in order to secure a warrant to spy against a political opponent. They all broke the law.

And yet, there are nothing but crickets in Congress. Congress has the power to charge Peter Strzok and the others and directly refer them for prosecution. But Paul Ryan is stopping them...

 Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND they hold these Deep State criminals in Criminal Contempt, or else face the consequences!

Paul Ryan skipped town to try to run away from his responsibilities. He's "retiring" in just a few short months, still demanded that he get his full vacation.

The fact of the matter is that Ryan is terrified. For his entire career, he could make promises without ever having to deliver on them. But now, we've got these Deep State conspirators dead to rights. President Trump took a huge gamble here and continues to work to get the evidence of their crimes released.

We now know why Rosenstein fought like crazy to stop Congress from getting these documents. They prove the entire surveillance warrant that launched the Trump-Russia investigation was a fraud.

Congress can take them all down, right now. But Paul Ryan is pumping the brakes. He's ordering Conservative Members of Congress to stand down. He would rather run off and hide than let Conservatives finish this and take down these Deep State criminals.

The establishment is trying to circle the wagons. Fight back NOW!

Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and order them to go after all of these Obama-era criminals!

President Trump is doing all of the hard work. He is ordering the DOJ and FBI to release this evidence, even if it opens him up to liability. He doesn't care. He sees what the Deep State is doing and cannot allow it to go unpunished.

But that is exactly what Paul Ryan and the GOP leadership are doing. They are sitting on their hands and allowing these Deep State conspirators to go unpunished.

The President is doing the hard work. He needs YOU to help him finish this!

Charge them all! Tell Congress right now that they MUST go after these Deep State traitors and hold them in Criminal Contempt, or else!

No more waiting,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily