Last month, Nancy Pelosi broke the law by flying a delegation of Democrats to the United Nations's climate conference in Madrid, Spain and representing the United States.

The specific law is called the Logan Act. This was the law that the Deep State used to prosecute Gen. Michael Flynn. It prohibits unapproved individuals from negotiating on behalf of the United States.

President Trump had already withdrawn from the UN Climate Treaty. And considering the fact that the Madrid Conference's whole purpose was to finalize treaty implementation, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered that no US officials participate.

Nancy Pelosi violated that order. She arrived in Madrid to a royal welcome and was ushered into a event hosted by the Spanish King. And during the conference, not only did Nancy Pelosi claim to represent the United States, but she also unapologetically told world leaders to ignore President Trump's policies.

"By coming here," Pelosi told attendees, "we want to say to everyone, we're still in. The United States is still in!" She then told world leaders to bypass the Trump administration and work directly with Congress to impose the UN treaty onto the American people.

The whole purpose of the UN Climate Treaty is to hurt the American economy and to use your taxd ollars to prop-up the world's worst polluters, like China. That makes what Nancy Pelosi did borderline treasonous!

Remove her now! Tell Congress right now that they MUST investigate and remove Nancy Pelosi from power once and for all!

There is no doubt that Nancy Pelosi broke the law by traveling to Madrid, representing the United States, and then undermining the President's official policy. 

And now that she is back in the United States, Pelosi is trying to make good on the promises she made to the United Nations. She is advancing legislation not only to restore billions in funding to the UN's Paris Climate Treaty, but also to impose its most radical provisions in the United States.

Going even further, Democrats are working with UN officials to change our asylum laws to cover "climate refugees." Right now, US asylum is offered to people fleeing targeted acts of ethnic, religious, and political violence. But Pelosi wants to include "climate refugees" into this program too. Meaning, anyone who claims to be fleeing the consequences of "climate change" would be guaranteed entry into the United States. Considering that Democrats believe the entire globe is being destroyed by climate change, this change would open up the floodgates for even more immigration fraud...

With impeachment failing, Pelosi is eager to do something to keep her Leftist base happy. This treachery is at the top of her list.

Enough is enough. Nancy Pelosi truly has gone too far this time. By traveling to Spain and claiming to represent the entire United States in UN affairs, defying a lawful order by the President, she has grossly exceeded her constitutional authority and violated the law. And now that she is trying to make good on the promises she made to the UN, Pelosi is putting her seditious plan into action.

Now is the time to strike. Pelosi has never been so unpopular. Instead of actually governing, she has devoted the entire year to trying to remove Trump from office. She admitted that she was willing to sacrifice dozens of moderate Democrat seats in order to get a shot at taking Trump down. Now that impeachment is failing, those vulnerable Democrat Congressmen and Senators realize that they were thrown under the bus for no reason.

If Nancy Pelosi's Speakership vote was held today, she would not win. She does not have majority support within her own party anymore.

Now that Pelosi has openly violated the law in an attempt to undermine the President of the United States, it is time to force that vote!

Remove her now! Tell Congress right now that they MUST investigate and remove Nancy Pelosi from power once and for all!

Now is the time to strike!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily