It is now confirmed. FBI Director Christopher Wray spent the last year covering up the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop. New reporting now reveals that the FBI did not bring charges against Hunter Biden because they did not believe that the laptop repairman who turned over the laptop would be believable in court.

Hunter Biden's naked selfies are now being released on the internet. We are able to read personal text messages between Hunter and his family members. His business partners are coming forward and admitting that the business emails are genuine. We are even getting a look at never-before-seen family photos. And to top it all off, Hunter Biden's lawyer has tried to force the repair shop to hand over the laptop.

It is real. These were Hunter Biden's laptops and the contents are his.

The FBI, however, refused to prosecute because they didn't think they could prove it. It took random conservatives on the internet less than a week to confirm it was real, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the nation's premiere law enforcement agency - didn't feel confident they could prove it in court...

This is nonsense. You know it and I know it.

We will continue to pressure to make sure that Congress holds the Biden Crime Family accountable. But we also need to make sure that the Deep State traitors trying to cover up Biden's crimes are held accountable too!

Don't let the Democrats and GOP ignore the Deep State's Joe Biden cover-up! Please, join today's campaign and tell Congress that they MUST call FBI Director Wray in to testify and explain why he sat on the Biden evidence!

Just think about this. On December 18, 2019, Donald Trump was impeached because he told the President of Ukraine that what Hunter and Joe Biden were doing in that country "looked horrible to me."

But a week and a half earlier, on December 9, the FBI sent a subpoena to the laptop repairman in Delaware compelling him to turn over Hunter Biden's laptop. That is the date the subpoena was issued, mind you. The FBI must have known about the contents long before they convinced a grand jury to approve a subpoena.

So In the week and a half between the subpoena and Trump's impeachment, the FBI went through the laptop and confirmed that what Hunter and Joe Biden were doing regarding Ukraine was sketchy at best and criminal at worst.

Instead of telling the President that his suspicions were confirmed or telling Congress that the President's concerns were legitimate, FBI Director Wray sat on the laptop and did nothing with it for a whole year... If the repairman hadn't also given a copy of the harddrive to Rudy Giuliani's attorney, the FBI's attempted cover-up would have worked.

That always seems to be the story with the FBI, doesn't it? We were never supposed to know about their anti-Trump actions. If Hillary Clinton had won, Operation Crossfire Hurricane and the other schemes targeting the Trump campaign/administration never would have come to light. We never would have learned that it was Joe Biden who recommended the FBI use a bogus 18th Century law to investigate and entrap Michael Flynn. We never would have known that the "Russian collusion" narrative was dreamed up by the Clinton campaign, laundered through Fusion GPS, and then used to spy on the Trump campaign. None of this was ever supposed to come to light.

The same is happening with Hunter Biden's laptop. The FBI Director was more than happy to watch Donald Trump get impeached even though he knew there was ample reason to want the Biden Crime Family to be investigated. He was content with watching Democrats stand up on national television and claim there is no evidence of any Biden wrongdoing in Ukraine, all while Wray had the evidence literally in his possession.

This is a cover-up of epic proportions.

And once again, Congress is eager to sweep it under the rug... They have full authority to call Christopher Wray to testify and answer for his actions, but they simply don't want to.

Democrats are desperate to help Joe Biden limp across the finish line and Republicans are terrified that the hearings would come across as "too political." They would rather let the Deep State get away with this than risk coming across as having political intentions...

Don't let the Democrats and GOP ignore the Deep State's Joe Biden cover-up! Please, join today's campaign and tell Congress that they MUST call FBI Director Wray in to testify and explain why he sat on the Biden evidence!

We have once again caught the FBI in a cover-up of massive proportions. The emails and text messages on Hunter Biden's laptop not only prove that Joe Biden held an in-person meeting with Burisma while he was the sitting Vice President, but it also shows that Joe Biden was collecting half of Hunter Biden's Burisma salary.

It is an open and shut case of graft. The Vice President of the United States, after being paid by a foreign corporation, intervened and took a foreign policy action that benefited the company. After Burisma complained to Joe Biden about the political problems they were facing over in Ukraine, Joe Biden flew there and forced the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating the company...

This is the kind of case that the FBI's corruption investigators dream about. We also know that last year, agents from the FBI's money laundering and child abduction teams were also working the case.

When Trump was being "investigated," every single detail was leaked to the press. Many were completely made up, simply to damage the President. But with Joe and Hunter Biden, everything was kept secret. Even though the Biden investigation was known at all levels of the FBI, none of it leaked.

President wasn't even briefed. Remember that when Peter Strzok was getting ready to spy on the Trump campaign, Barack Obama demanded an in-person briefing. Meaning, Obama was notified before the investigation had really gotten off the ground. But with the Hunter Biden laptop, the FBI director sat on it for an entire year and watched as the President was impeached for asking for an investigation that, unbeknownst to him, was already underway. 

That information alone would have exonerated Trump. He cannot be accused of politicizing the FBI if the agents already determined there was ample evidence to investigate...

Democrats are doing everything they can. Sen. Ron Wyden threatened there would be consequences if the FBI caved to the pressure and agreed to investigate or prosecute the Bidens. He doesn't even want to let Wray testify before Congress.

And the do-nothing Republicans are equally cowardly.

We are running out of time to get the truth. If you want Christopher Wray to be dragged in to testify, you need to rise up and demand it before it's too late!

Don't let the Democrats and GOP ignore the Deep State's Joe Biden cover-up! Please, join today's campaign and tell Congress that they MUST call FBI Director Wray in to testify and explain why he sat on the Biden evidence!

Help us take down the Deep State!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily