Jeff Flake (shown above) just announced that there are 35 GOP traitors who are now leaning towards impeachment!

Since January of 2017, Democrats have given 86 reasons to impeach Trump and remove him from office. The Democrats' narrative is unraveling. First, they claimed Trump was threatening to withhold US aid unless Ukraine agreed to help Trump in the 2020 election by digging up dirt on Trump's opponent. That was a lie.

Then, the left claimed that Trump was, nonetheless, pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. The Ukrainian President rejected this notion entirely and has said there was no pressure.

Now, the Left is trying a new narrative: The Trump administration is engaging in a cover-up.

If this is a cover-up, this is the worst cover-up ever. It was Trump who declassified and released the transcript to the public. The White House has released everything. And yet, Nancy Pelosi is still proclaiming that "this is a cover-up."

They are actually going to impeach President Trump over this. It is unbelievable.

But what is even more shocking is that Republicans are turning on the President too!

They are claiming this is a cover-up because the transcript of the call was originally put on its own secure system. Democrats and GOP traitors are claiming that this was because the White House knew the call was criminal, and wanted to hide it.

But that is a lie. Early on in the Trump administration, the Deep State started leaking Trump's international calls to the press to damage the President. So, the White House created a new system that preserved transcripts, but limited who would be allowed to access them. And amazingly, the leaks stopped.

That is why Democrats are now saying impeachment is necessary. They are accusing the most transparent administration in modern history of a cover-up.

And the GOP is actually agreeing with her!

Yesterday, we reported news from a Mitt Romney advisor that 30 Republicans were ready to turn on Trump and vote to impeach him. Today, that number has increased.

Former Never-Trump Senator Jeff Flake (shown above) has been calling his former colleagues and announced yesterday that the number of GOP turncoats has risen to "at least 35."

I heard someone say if there were a private [impeachment] vote, there would be 30 Republican votes. That's not true. There would be at least 35." The number is continuing to rise...

But, what is telling is that the GOP is still terrified of the electorate. They are still terrified of YOU!

Some Democrats are also nervous that Pelosi has gone too far. They realize their narrative is falling apart and now have to answer to their voters.

But the far left is pushing forward anyway to remove Trump from office!

There are now 35 Republicans supporting impeachment! Send your urgent Faxblast to Congress now and FORCE them to put a stop to this impeachment investigation right now!

This really isn't about just removing Trump from office. This is about revoking your ability to decide the country's future. 

From the minute that Trump won the election, the establishments of both parties have been scheming to remove him. They believe that you got it wrong, and that they know better.

That is why they are launching this impeachment investigation. They would have done this two years ago, but they are terrified of it backfiring. They are terrified of you removing them from office.

You must remind them this. You must strike fear in these cowards and force them to stand down!

No surrender,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily