It's pretty comical to watch. On Tuesday, American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley got into a shouting match with UN representatives over the Trump administration's policy towards Palestine.

At one point, they actually told Haley to shut up.

"I will not shut up," Haley defiantly told the UN's body.

All of the commotion was over the President's decision to cut tens of millions in aid to the Palestinian government. 65 million, to be exact.

The Palestinian government is claiming that this will kill innocent people. The reality is that the Palestinian Authority already spend what Obama had promised them. They purchased a brand new private jet for 50 million.

President Trump made common sense cuts to corrupt UN agencies and this is what we get? We're shouted down?

The United Nations believes they are entitled to your taxdollars. It is time to give them a wake up call...

Pull the plug on the United Nations! Tell Congress right now that they MUST cut off all funding to the United Nations right now!

The arrogance here is astonishing. 

But what is even worse is that members of Congress are actually trying to undermine Trump's plan to cut funding to the United Nations.

Last year, President Trump declared that the US was pulling out of the UN's Paris Climate Treaty. With that, he cut off foreign aid to the UN agency responsible for implementing the treaty.

Did you know that a handful of Republicans teamed up with Democrats to restore that funding?

The vote happened in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) refused to vote and then GOP Senators Lamar Alexander (TN) and Susan Collins (ME) teamed up with Democrats to restore funding to the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change.

This is what is happening behind the scenes. The United Nations continues to try to bully us because they know there are spineless Republicans willing to restore their funding.

It is time for a clean break. It is time to pull the plug!

Pull it! Tell Congress right now that they MUST cut off all funding to the United Nations!

These Republicans think they can get away with it because they know you are busy. They know you don't pay attention to obscure committee votes or backroom deals. It is how they can vote against the UN in public and privately work to give them more of your taxdollars.

But now you know. Now you know what they're doing. 

And with that knowledge comes a responsibility to act!

Don't take no for an answer! Send your instantaneous message to Congress and FORCE them to pull all funding from the United Nations!