Fellow Conservative,

Fresh off of their Obamacare betrayal, the GOP establishment feels emboldened. They think they can score another "victory" against Conservatives by derailing the growing investigation into the Obama administration's crimes.

You wouldn't know it based on the media coverage, but news dropped last week proving that someone from the Obama administration is going to go to prison. It looks like that person is Obama's UN Ambassador Samantha Power.

Being the ambassador for the United Nations, Ms. Power had no legitimate reason to unmask any intelligence documents. As you know, when the federal government spies on a foreigner, but ends up collecting information about an American (without a warrant), that American's name is "masked," or kept confidential.

When the news broke that Obama spied on Donald Trump, his supporters argued that it was just "incidental surveillance." What we just learned from the House Intelligence Committee is that Obama's UN Ambassador submitted hundreds of unmasking requests targeting Trump and his team.

Samantha Power worked tirelessly to spy on the Trump campaign without a warrant. Why would the Ambassador to the United Nations need to unmask Trump officials caught up accidentally in surveillance efforts? Why would she submit hundreds of unmasking requests.

In the words of the White House's new Communications Director, the fish stinks from the head on down. An Obama offical is going to prison and the GOP is desperately trying to save them!

 Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and help BURY Congress with demands to create a full investigation into the Obama administration's crimes!

There's a reason that this news was completely buried last week. The powers-that-be don't want that to be news, kind of like how all the channels conveniently dropped the Russia conspiracy theory after that also fell apart last week.

An Obama official deliberately circumvented the law and the Constitution to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign without a warrant. She spied on the campaign hundreds of times. This was the same intel that was conveniently leaked to leftists in Congress and the mainstream media to undermine the incoming Trump administration.

Conservatives are now demanding that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch, all at once. The House Intelligence Committee even voted in favor of a Special Prosecutor being appointed.

Why hasn't it happened? The GOPe is refusing to let it move forward!

This is the result of weeks of hard work. We have united Conservatives from across the country around a simple goal: send the Obama administration criminals to prison. We've bombarded Congress with hundreds of thousands of FaxBlasts demanding just that. Now, our goal is in sight.

We know for a FACT that Loretta Lynch interfered to stop the FBI from fully investigating Hillary. We know for a FACT that James Comey leaked classified government documents in order to attack President Trump. We know for a FACT that Susan Rice lied about her involvement in illegally spying on the Trump administration. And we know for a FACT that Obama's UN Ambassador spied on Donald Trump and his campaign hundreds of times last year.

Someone in the Obama administration needs to go to prison! The only question is who...

Help us go on offense! Send your instant FaxBlast and help BURY Congress with demands to create a full investigation into the Obama administration's crimes!

We have never been this close. All of your hard work and activism has brought us to this point. The House Intel Committee has now voted to request a special prosecutor.

But the Republican turncoats in Congress are blocking these resolutions from coming up for full floor votes. They wanted Trump to lose, so they're dedicating their time to trying to undermine him.

Please, help us push this across the finish line!

Put them in prison! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and help BURY Congress with demands to create a full investigation into the Obama administration's crimes!