Yesterday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein "testified" before Congress. I use that phrase lightly because, like Peter Strzok the day before, Rosenstein refused to answer the most incriminating questions.

After Rosenstein made a mockery of the hearing, Congress held a vote on a final resolution demanding that he turn over ALL of the subpoenaed documents.

This wasn't just in a committee, either. This went to the House floor and passed by a margin of 226-183. Rep. Mark Meadows, who has championed the push, declared that if Rosenstein does not comply, "contempt and impeachment will be in order."

Paul Ryan insisted, however, that Rosenstein be given seven more days to comply. If you remember, this was the same demand that the Speaker made last week when Rosenstein ignored a deadline. That is Ryan's play. He gives the Deep State every chance to weasel their way out of their crimes. The Speaker's office declared that if Rosenstein refused to comply by July 6, then he could be held in contempt and impeached.

But we don't need to wait seven days. Rod Rosenstein declared yesterday, under oath, that he has already turned over a sufficient amount of documents and that there would not be any further document deliveries to Congress.

The same day that Congress voted to give Rosenstein a week, he declared he would never hand over the rest of the documents.

Enough of these games. Impeach him now!

Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress right away!

This is how ridiculous Rosenstein's testimony was. We know for a FACT that Rod Rosenstein is the one who signed off on the secret surveillance warrant on Donald Trump's campaign aides. That is indisputable.

Yesterday, Rosenstein was asked a very simple question: "Did you read the surveillance warrant before signing it?"

He flat-out refused to answer it. Not because he risked divulging classified information. He refused to answer because he obviously didn't read the surveillance application against the Trump team before signing it.

This is the man who is supposed to be overseeing the Mueller investigation to make sure it doesn't go off the rails. He's doing a pretty lousy job at that too...

But the real kicker is the subpoenaed documents. Congress is demanding the documents surrounding the Obama administration's spy campaign against Donald Trump and his aides. Rep. Jim Jordan laid into Rosenstein on his refusal to hand over the evidence. Namely, who was involved in authorizing the spy operation. Rosenstein answered by saying that his "job is to make sure we respond to your requests. And we have, sir."

Rosenstein responded alright, by telling Congress that the DOJ would not be complying with any other document requests. He is simply refusing to hand over thousands of documents that Congress lawfully subpoenaed.

That is contemptible and yes, that is impeachable!

Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership are insisting that Congress wait seven more days. Even though Rosenstein has already said he will never comply, Ryan wants to give him one last chance.

No more chances!

Demand action now! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress now!

There is nothing more dangerous than a Justice Department official who believes he or she is above the law.

We saw it with Eric Holder, when he was held in Contempt of Congress and blocked the US attorney from prosecuting the charge.

We saw it in Loretta Lynch, who believed she was so untouchable, she actually had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private jet, days before Hillary was "exonerated."

Now, we see it in Rod Rosenstein too. The DOJ inspector general literally caught Rosenstein trying to hide the bombshell FBI bias evidence from legislators. Congress has exercised its oversight authorities and subpoenaed documents. Rod Rosenstein has simply refused to hand them over.

The Founding Fathers predicted a day would come when Congress would need to use its power to criminally charge government bureaucrats and remove them from office. That day is today.

Yesterday's vote was 226-183. Right now, because there are seven vacancies, it takes 214 votes to pass a resolution in the House. The Rod Rosenstein resolution passed with 12 votes more than it needed.

We have waited months for this, and now the GOP leadership wants to give this Deep State criminal one more week. They had the same excuse last week as well, and they'll do it again when he ignores this deadline too... No more!

Please. you must put your foot down and FORCE Congress to act now! Send your instant message to Congress and demand that they quit the delaying and hold Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily