Democrats have now secured enough GOP votes to pass not one, but TWO new gun confiscation bills next week!

Next week, the House Judiciary Committee (shown above) is calling an emergency session to mark-up gun control legislation. We finally have gotten a look at the bills they will be voting on and it is just as bad as we thought.

We knew that this was coming, but we didn't know it would be this bad. The Democrats are trying to rewrite Federal gun control laws to allow government officials to confiscate firearms from innocent Americans.

Why do I call them innocent Americans? Because that is what they are! Red Flag laws allow the government to confiscate firearms from gun owners who have not been convicted, let alone charged, with a crime. They are supposed to be presumed innocent until the government proves they are guilty. 

Red Flag laws give government the power to skip this step. Instead of having to prove that someone actually broke the law, the only thing prosecutors need to do is convince a judge that someone may break the law sometime in the future and thus, is too dangerous to own firearms. Red Flag orders only require that a judge believes there is at least a 50/50 chance someone could commit a crime at some point in the future.

For weeks, Republicans have promised that Congress would not create a Federal confiscation program. Lindsey Graham promised that the bill would only focus on helping states and cities operate their own Red Flag laws. As if having 50 gun confiscation programs is somehow better than one...

But after the behind the scenes negotiations, this promise was just abandoned. The new "compromise" bill that was just publicly released would create a Federal gun confiscation pathway just as we feared!

 Stop the gun rights surrender! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill each and every one of these gun confiscation bills!

Federal firearm laws function by defining "prohibited persons." These are people who have either committed crimes or been adjudicated mentally defective to justify losing their 2nd Amendment rights.

When we talk about background checks, what that really means is that the government is checking to see if a gun purchaser is a prohibited person. If they are, then the gun purchase is blocked. If they are not, then they are allowed to take the gun home.

Right now, there are nine ways that the Federal government can revoke your gun rights. But in each case, you actually have to do something wrong and the government has to prove it. You have to have been (1) convicted of a felony, (2) convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, (3) adjudicated mentally defective or committed to a mental institution, (4) deemed a fugitive from justice, (5) given a dishonorable discharge from the military, (6) classified as an illegal alien, (7) classified as an illegal drug user, (8) denaturalized (lose or give up your US citizenship), or (9) given a restraining order because you have been charged with harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child.

In order for the government to block a gun purchase or confiscate someone's firearms, they have to prove that one of these 9 provisions applies.

The Democrats, however, want to add new categories. Their first bill -- the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019 -- would make someone a Federally prohibited person if they are "subject to a court order that prohibits such person from having under his or her custody or control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving any firearms, or requires the surrender or removal of firearms from the person."

Unlike the provision in the law about restraining orders, this would not require someone to be charged with a crime. All it would take is for a local or state judge to determine that someone "poses a danger of causing harm to himself, herself, or others by having access to a firearm."

This is what Democrats have been trying to get for decades. Instead of having to prove that you actually did something wrong, the Federal government would gain the power to confiscate guns from people who are legally innocent, but instead deemed "dangerous."

Over the last 3-4 years, we have seen the Left start to classify all Conservatives as dangerous. They have accused Conservatives of "hate speech" simply by speaking basic truths, like there are only two genders and illegal aliens should be deported from the country.

Well, Democrats have just unveiled another bill they are voting on next week. It is called the Disarm Hate Act. This would add yet another category of prohibited person, disarming anyone who has been "convicted in any court of a misdemeanor hate crime." Of course, the devil is in the details. Serious hate crimes -- assault, murder, arson, etc -- are already felonies and already lead to disarmament. But in states like California and New York, misdemeanors would include prosecutions for so-called "hate speech."

There is no such thing as "hate speech." The Supreme Court has said that Americans have a 1st Amendment right to say almost whatever they want. The only speech the government can ban is speech designed to incite imminent violence. But the Left wants to criminalize "hate speech." Calling an illegal alien a criminal is considered "hate speech." Refusing to call a transgender person by their preferred gender pronoun is "hate speech." Shouting build the wall is "hate speech." See the pattern?

This bill would create a new class of prohibited person and give the government the power to target gun owners and disarm them because of their political opinions!

Both of these bills are being voted on early next week and Democrats say they have enough Republican votes to pass in both the House and Senate!

 Stop the surrender! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill each and every one of these gun confiscation bills!

This is all hands on deck. The GOP is starting to crack under the pressure. They are agreeing to pass the Democrats new gun control bills.

They don't care that it would expand the government's gun confiscation powers... They don't care that innocent people would be targeted and suddenly lose their right to keep and bear arms...

The only thing that these Congressmen and Senators care about is preserving their own power. And they think that passing these new disarmament bills will do it!

It is up to you to prove them wrong! It is up to you to get loud and make sure they understand that if they vote for these radical bills, they will be removed from office.

Congress will vote on these bills. The vote is now officially scheduled.

Time is running out to stop it!

Fight back,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily